Saturday, June 23, 2007

one amazing week.

so I had some bad bad drama on Saturday that rained on my happy parade. but it got settled a little bit Sunday..well actually for the most part was settled on Sunday but one individual was not settled. lol sorry I'm warning you now I will go on and on and on. =) sorry I'm so overjoyed right now. anyways. Monday morning I left for FALLS CREEK and had the most AMAZING time there. The speaker we had this year was the best I've ever heard. PERIOD. he delivered the gospel in a way that I have never experienced before. =) the band(s) were amazing. I love April Clay. she seems to be a woman truly after God's heart and the way she leads worship is so.....calming. I have a new hero! (Shoutout to my Oklahomie nate! lol) I watched God work in the lives of the ALL the students there, including my own two brothers. I saw one of my bestest friends in the world come to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. THAT brought more joy than my heart could handle, and I cried tears of joy for about an hour.

and the BEST thing of the week?? I turned my phone on today for the first time, and I too have been forgiven =) my life is so amazing right now, and I owe it all to God. He is everything to me, and I wouldn't have happiness without him. so if you are reading this (the person that forgave me) thank you so much, you can't even begin to imagine how happy I am right now, and you have given me part of that joy. I love you still, even though we don't have to be friends =)


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