Sunday, November 28, 2010

ugh Sundayyyy

I am back in Norman from the holiday break. I will update on my fantastic weekend after I complete homework. yippeee.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I heart school breaks!

SO. To prepare myself for the 3 hour drive that I was taking on today from Norman to Poteau, OK, I decided that today was the day that I would purchase the new Ke$ha CD Cannibal to add to my obsession with Ke$ha. I'm not going to lie, it was kind of difficult for me to pay $8 for a 9-track CD, especially with one of the tracks being a re-mix of Animal from her first CD, Animal. HOWEVER, I know that I love her music, and the new songs are just as addicting as the old ones, so I bit the bullet and bought it. The tracks have catchy beats and choruses. My personal faves are "Grow a Pear," "Sleazy," and "The Harold Song." "The Harold Song" is a little more of a ballad than the first two, but all in all, pretty decent songs. So what did I do? Jam out for 3 hours to Ke$ha. Be jealous :]

Once I arrived in Poteau, OK, my aunt took me out to Warehouse Willy's for a very delicious steak dinner. If you're ever in Poteau, I highly suggest visiting Willy's. They have a wide range of prices, and all in all they server what people would typically call "American" food: The three of us had steak, but it was hard for me to decide between the steak and chicken fingers. I had some chicken for lunch today so I decided to go with the steak. They also have quite a few burgers, and the last time I was there I got a barbecue brisket sandwich.

I then spent the rest of the evening hanging out with my great-aunt Linda just chilling and watching television. I think I'll be going to bed's been nice to kinda have the house with Linda to myself. It will get crazy tomorrow with ALL the family getting here, but I'm pretty excited about the madness because Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays :]

p.s. I know for sure that Edith & MacKenzie won their first basketball game, still haven't heard about Jacob. He did get to play though. I'll try to update a little bit over the break, but I'm not making any promises because I cherish family time. HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I am irritated, but it WILL NOT get me down

For those of you who truly know me, you know that I'm a perfectionist. I typically don't like group projects because I usually feel like the other person is slightly incompetent. Not because they really are, but I just want to maximize the amount of points I get. For my Principles of Personal Training class, we have to make a training program for a fake client of our choice. I know about 4-5 people in the class from having classes with them before. In the first week of class, I chose to work with a guy who was in Anatomy with me to work on the program. He has basically left it all for me to do. I guess I shouldn't complain because I could have said no, or picked someone else, but I'm just slightly irritated that he isn't helping at all. ugh.

HOWEVER, I have 2 classes today and then will be going to Poteau, OK to stay with my great-aunt Linda for the weekend. SATURDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY/Bedlam game :) I'm so excited to be spending the day with my friends from high school. So to get over the irritation of my group project, this is my theme song right now (only because I love this song so much!):

Monday, November 22, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS. So remember how I told you that I was running in my first ever half marathon on November 21, 2010? Well I FINISHED! I wasn't quite sure how well I would do, or if I would even finish, but I DID IT!! This was a huge accomplishment for me! I was so proud of myself for pushing myself that as soon as I crossed that finish line, I burst into tears of joy! A special thank you to this lovely lady for being there at the finish line and being my familiar face throughout the race. It makes you realize there are personal cheerleaders when you see someone you know cheering for you.

Not only did I finish the race, but I finished with a pace of 13:50 per mile. All I could say to that was "holy shit." (seriously) There's no way I should have been able to keep that pace with the horrible training I did, but somehow I accomplished it!

I'm looking forward to possibly running another half in the 11th annual OKC Memorial Marathon with my friend Heather Ping. Thank you so much to everyone who thought of me the morning of my race. It was such an exhilarating feeling that words cannot do it justice. I challenge everyone to go and run some type of race, even if it's a mile fun run. Crossing that finish line is remarkable.

I'm so sore today, but it was SO worth it!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

AMAZING Friday evening!

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I spent the rest of my Friday evening hanging out with my friends and family! HOWEVER, before that, on my way home, I got a text message from Miss Sam Lowry saying that SHE BOUGHT ME A TICKET TO SEE KE$HA IN APRIL WHEN SHE COMES TO TULSA! I WILL BE SEEING KE$HA NEXT SEMESTER!!!!!!!!!!!That pretty much freaking made my year.

I just wanted everyone to know that :)

Can't wait for this!:

Friday, November 19, 2010


Yesterday was perfect. I finished all of my assignments in time to pick Erika up from the airport. I was so anxious to see her that I left Norman AN HOUR before her flight landed...I pretty much was heading to the airport the time she was boarding her plane. I made a HUGE sign to welcome her! She laughed and loved it (even though she may not want to admit it)! We also watched HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!! go see it! seriously!

right now, I'm waiting around to finish up laundry, then heading back home to prepare my mind for this HUGE thing I'm doing on Sunday. If you don't know what that is, here is the official page.

Also thank you SO MUCH to my friend Sam for constantly encouraging me. I can't remember if I told her or not, but her finishing a full last year was my reasoning for wanting to challenge myself.

I may update a little more this weekend, so be on the lookout! Wish me luck!

Have an AMAZING weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Hump Day! (better late than never)

My Wednesday was SO much better than yesterday. Your happy Mallori is back to stay! I got quite a bit done today, still need to work on a paper and an assignment for my stress class, but that WILL get done during the day tomorrow because ERIKA IS GOING TO BE HERE AT 9:45 P.M.! I'm so freaking excited, I could cry and pee my pants at the same time. We will be going to Waffle House as soon as possible, then heading to a local theater for the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. I'm pretty freakin' pumped for tomorrow!

That's all I have for today, it's time for me to take my sore body to bed.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today is just one of those days.

I'm completely frustrated and flustered with no real reason. It's a lot of little annoyances that are getting me down today...

Woke up at 6:30, 9:45, and finally at 10:30 to the strangest dreams. First dream I was a participant in a Saw game. Second and Third dreams were a continuation of each other in where I got married, but the groom changed between the two dreams. These dreams of getting married are really starting to freak me out.

My hips are so sore that I am having difficulty walking, and I'm just completely frustrated about it because of the very big race I have coming up. I'm not at all trained, and I blame myself, but this soreness is not helping me out at all.

My right contact is doing something funky today and is irritating the crap out of my eye.

And to top it all off, I just checked my grade for the statistics test I took on Thursday, and I barely passed. Thank you Tuesday for sucking.

I just need to go back to getting ready for bed last night and change what I was thinking about just before I fell asleep, so that maybe I won't have the weird dreams that lead to a bad day.

Sorry for being a Negative Nancy today, but some days just aren't full of rainbows and butterflies. If things improve later today, I'll try to post something worth reading, but for now this is all you get.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a Weekend!

SO. Thursday evening I went out to celebrate being what I thought was the end of testing and papers. But as I explained in my last post, I was mistaken. But still, I went and hung out with our coaches from FIJI after we WON Tug-of-War in FIJI Olympics! I also realized that I may have possibly pulled or strained on of my quads. This is fantastic seeing as how I am in the half marathon next Sunday....awesome. Anyways, after all the fun-ness that was hanging out with our amazing coaches plus FINALLY getting to hang out with PC X, I had to take care of someone who had a bit too much. That was slightly depressing, but she's safe and sound :)

After all the celebrating, I went to class on Friday, which TOTALLY cramped my style. We are no longer being tested over any of the material in the class so it made it COMPLETELY difficult to stay awake (I had gotten about 4 hours of sleep!)

Friday night was probably one of the best times I've ever had! My pledge class through Panhellenic sorority decided to go on a pub crawl on campus corner! It was seriously probably one of the best times we've had as a pledge class, and there was no drama! SO much fun!:

Saturday morning, I got up a little early to help entertain some alumnae members from the '98-'00 pledge classes, and got to meet quite a few of my sisters. Then I realized that I was about to experience my last home game as an undergrad, and it made me kind of sad . . . so to fix this, I sat with my little/roommate and enjoyed the game with her, one of her brothers, and her father. It was a very sentimental moment for me, but I was so glad that my Sooners won my final home game!

Later that night after the game, a group of us sisters went to a pizza joint that is really close to our house. While at the pizza place, we decided that we all wanted ice cream, but none of us could decide on one together. So what did we do? We decided to do an ice cream crawl! The six of us went to three different ice cream places in Norman! It was slightly ridiculous.

Sunday seemed like the longest day ever, but it was such an amazing day! At noon, I went to have a brotherhood event for APO, and we played games that were silly and entertaining. Then I came back home to get all prettied up and ready for APO initiation. We had a fellowship before, where we all ate together while waiting to be initiated. Initiation was like, MAYBE 20 minutes long, I didn't quite know what to do with myself! Afterwards we took pictures together . . . here's one of my pledge class:

I AM OFFICIALLY A BROTHER OF ALPHA PHI OMEGA! It's pretty freakin' excitin'!
After I took care of some elections stuff with Alpha Gam, we had a post-initiation pledge fellowship at our pledgemaster's apartment. EVERYONE was ridiculous. I got home from that at about 2 a.m.

Today, I have been a good student: I went to all my classes, read some of the chapter that I need to use for my paper that is due on Friday, looked up questions for College Bowl, did a group project, WENT to my College Bowl meeting, and I also attended the men's basketball game (for like 20 minutes).


This week/weekend will be too much for me to handle, hopefully it doesn't get too crazy and fly by too fast!

Hope you all had a happy Monday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sincerest apologies for my tardiness.

So last night began initiation for Alpha Phi Omega. It began with vote-in, where initiated members vote on each of the pledges on whether or not they would like to see that particular pledge initiated. I'm not gonna lie, I was a tad bit nervous. I missed ONE requirement, and tried to make up for it a little bit with other things, but I wasn't exactly sure how the rest of the chapter would feel about it.

At 8:56 p.m., I get a phone call from my big (Brook) and she says, "Congratulations, you have been voted to become initiated into Alpha Phi Omega! . . . (my heart stops racing) . . . Now what you need to do is meet at the duck pond at 10:15, and you need to be dressed in blue and gold. If you don't have blue, wear all gold, and if you don't have gold, wear all blue. Do not come any earlier than 10:15! I'll see you tonight and good luck! (click)" . . . Now continue my racing heart. I had absolutely no t-shirts that were blue and yellow that did not have Alpha Gamma Delta on it, and I felt that it would be inappropriate to wear my other Greek letters. BAHHHH!!!

I was having a near-panic attack and was about to cry when one of my Alpha Gam sisters saved my night and let me borrow a yellow shirt.

After vote-in is a BIG/little bonding sketchy time (won't go into full details, just know everything was super sketch, but then it also helped me bond more with two of my pledge brothers), and then we ended the night at IHOP.

I got back home around 1 a.m., and because of all the super sketch activities, I had adrenaline pumping through my system for about an hour. Needless to say, it was hard as hell to focus on studying when I got home. I calmed myself down enough to study for about an hour and a half, then got up in bed and CRASHED.

So if you have been reading my posts, you'll know that my stats test this morning was supposed to be the end of 8 straight weeks of testing. I failed and realized at lunch today that my last test is next week. Along with a term paper the following week. The good thing about the term paper is that it is only a rough draft that is due, so hopefully that won't be too difficult to accomplish. HOWEVER, that will make TEN weeks. TEN WEEKS PEOPLE! WHY?! bahhhh! Why can't senior year of college be like senior year of high school. Oh that's right, because everyone goes to high school but not everyone goes to college. The stats test today was by far the hardest test I've taken this semester. I just want a freaking C. I don't even care if I get a B or not anymore, just let me pass and get the eff outta there! (As you can tell, I'm slightly sleep deprived, therefore proper grammar and spelling is going out of the window.)

To all my random readers, read my friend's post here and let me know what you think about her question too! I was slightly appalled by her friend's statement. Are we always supposed to be searching? Or should we let things fall into place?

Before this year, before I ACTUALLY began to love EVERYTHING about myself, I wasn't searching. I thought I had found him. I thought everything that we had been through and everything that we had shared would help us come together again. I knew that I knew that I knew that he loved me as much as I did him. We had dated for 2-ish years, and still remained VERY close for 4.5-5 years after that. What changed? We both did. I grew up, he grew up on a different side of the country, we both experienced things that the other didn't understand because our paths were diverging so differently. When I realized that we actually DIDN'T love each other anymore, I cried. I think they were partly tears of sadness, and partly tears of relief. Sadness because we HAD shared so much, sadness because did we just cause each other to waste FIVE years of each others' lives? Only time will tell. Relief because it WAS a realization. A good realization (for the both of us!)

I do hate that now he thinks poorly of me, and has nothing nice to say to me, but one of these days we'll take every ill thought and comment back and remember that we can be civil. After all, our circles of friends run pretty close, and I still love his family. They are people who saved me, they just don't know it. In a way he saved me too. I'll never be able to thank him properly now, but in the off chance that anyone out there knows who this "he" is, cherish him. He could save you too.

I never would have known self-love without him catapulting a series of events that lead me to where I am today. And for that, Mr. R., I thank you.

That post totally got wayy deeper than I had intended, but reading Sam's blog almost always makes me think!

p.s. Thank a Veteran today America. Special thank you to my Uncle Ed, Jason, Wes, Kendrick, and the rest of C Co of the 489th EN BN that I've known almost my entire life. I love each and every one of you guys, and appreciate the sacrifices you all made in the 18+ months you were deployed!

I'll leave everyone with this, in your name, there is DEFINITELY healing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

procrastination at its finest.

So I'm slowly trying to change things about the layout of my blog. Even though I do not have very many readers, expect to see some more changes! (I really like the template that has smaller boxes on both sides, but we'll see how that works.) I'll post another (real) update later tonight.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11 days until my biggest accomplishment to date.

Sooooo I have been a complete SLACKER when it has come to training. Mostly because I feel like I have ZERO time to get a run/jog in. So on Saturday night at about 1 a.m., my little/roommate and I were walking from the fraternity house to the house where my car was so I could retrieve my car (when actually she was driving my car back to the house...I was still intoxicated and I DO NOT believe in drinking and driving. While we were walking, I get the bright idea to take off running. Poor Katy also ran with me to make me happy. So then I say, "Hey I'm doing pretty good, maybe I should just drink before the half." (please forgive how stupid I am when I'm drinking.) She then says "Mallori, I feel like that will end up in injury for you." I then replied: "Yeah that's true. I've just come to terms that I will die in my half. NBD" (That's sorostitute talk for No Big Deal.) Katy's response: "Well in that case we are going for a run every day this week. No excuses.

I do a lot better when I have a partner to run with, and I've had time to run, it's just almost always been late at night. I don't like running super late by myself, so I'm glad Katy gave me a little bit of motivation to get my ass out of my room and hit the pavement. Last night, she and I did a little 1.5 mile ish jog, but I had to walk quite a bit. Today, I ran by myself during daylight hours and got in 2 miles. Tomorrow I am going to attempt the 2 miles again. I want to go to bed soon-ish so that I can get up a little before class and do it. Along with the 2 miles today, I also played basketball and flag football for FIJI Olympics (FIJI Olympics is a 3-day event hosted by one of our fraternities on campus where they have all the sororities compete in different games). So I think my work out routine for today was highly successful.

Next semester will be FANTASTIC because I'm taking a spin class along with a weight training class. Hopefully being there FOUR days a week as opposed to 2 last fall will keep me in the routine of working out on an almost daily basis. I made the mistake of registering for the half when I was running 3-4 times a week, so now I must do it, even though I'm not in the shape I need to be in for it being 11 days away. Wish me luck on my continuous jogging throughout the next 11 days! I'm hoping to finish the half marathon with only walking 6 or fewer miles. I believe I can do this because I ran a 10K this past spring, without walking, and with only having ran 2 consecutive miles before that in my training. I have a lot of will power when it comes to races, it comes in handy.

Sorry if this post was boring, since I only talked about running!

Good night readers!

Monday, November 8, 2010

I have 4 countdowns going simultaneously.

I'm a big fan of countdowns. I feel like every day that goes by and you realize how close something is that you are looking forward to adds a little extra excitement into your life. So here are my 4 countdowns:
NINE DAYS until my BEST FRIEND visits from Phoenix!

that also means NINE DAYS until the midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7 part 1!

TWELVE DAYS until my Route 66 Half Marathon! (ahhhhh!!!)
EIGHTEEN DAYS until my 23rd birthday and Bedlam = weekend in Stillwater with my friend Zach.

November is such an exciting/eventful month for me this year! 2010 freakin' rocks my socks off!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I got a feelin'...that tonight's gonna be a good night!

So I took a test on Friday. I'm not real sure how I did on it, but that concluded the 7th straight week that I had a test or paper due in a class. I also have another test this Thursday, making it 8 weeks. I'm a little burned out. HOWEVER, PC 'X is now initiated, dry week is over, and I was invited to a fraternity date party this evening. SOOOO excited for tonight. I will definitely be having some bonding time with my little plaid family (and G's bf too).

So yeah, definitely:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm SO over tests....

**sidenote**if you wonder why my eyes are cropped out of pictures, it's because I'm seriously debating on deleting my facebook account. They have a new facial recognition thing and it freaks me out. I feel like it's invading a lot of privacy. The only problem is that SO many people use facebook that it will be hard to find a way to keep in touch with all these people. So until I find a different social networking site, I will continue to crop photos so that I can't be connected between sites. It just weirds me out...

I had some VERY strange dreams last night. I woke up on three separate occasions to three separate dreams. I really can't remember what 2 of those three dreams were (because one was at 4 a.m., the other was when I realized class started in 40 minutes so I got up frantically), but the third one was weirdly interesting. So at roughly 8 a.m., I woke up to a dream about me getting married. If any of y'all know anything about my recent life goals, you know I'm not sure that marriage is in my future. This is for 2 reasons: 1 I am selfish and want to go live in London for a few years, but I still want to have children. I don't think that anyone will want to have children around the age of 40; 2 I don't know that anyone will really be able to handle all aspects of my personality at once :)
So anyways, I'm getting married through arranged marriage via my aunt Jessica, and my husband is from the military. I'm not exactly sure on which branch, but I'm pretty sure it was from the army. I've never met my soon-to-be-husband before my wedding day, and I briefly saw him as he was walking into the church. He was gorgeous, and so was my dress. Navy blue was one of my colors, but none of my college friends were there (which is were I was confused), and none of my high school friends had no idea that I didn't know my husband. My ring was pretty too. As I was putting on my dress, I accidentally stepped on the hem and a bunch of sequins popped off. that was when I woke up.

Anyways, aside from the strange dreams, this week marks week number SEVEN (in a row) of tests/papers. I also have a test next week too. That's right, eight straight weeks of having tests/papers. It's very annoying. I'm not used to having my tests spread out so much. I almost would prefer them all to be in one week, because now, with week seven I have ZERO motivation to study. I do have a review session tonight for the test I have tomorrow, so I will be going to that. Hopefully I'll get something out of it.

This weekend marks INITIATION for PC X, and my very first fraternity date party on Saturday (you can read about how excited I am here). Also, soul twin turns 21 this weekend, but he and I will be hanging out next weekend to celebrate. I also get initiated to Alpha Phi Omega next weekend. I'm very excited :)
That's just about everything that is somewhat exciting in my life right now. I'm going to take a nap and then get up and around and shower.

ps, I want to watch V for Vendetta tomorrow--"Remember, remember, the 5th of November" :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Sorry I'm late. It took me forever to get here."

Today was a pretty uneventful day. I went to almost all my classes, completed some homework, and am now attempting to study for my APO final pledge quiz that I must take tomorrow. I will be an initiated member of Alpha Phi Omega on November 14th! I'm very excited, but I'm also nervous that I will not get my service hours done. It's only 25, but I'm about 10 hours short right now. Hopefully this week I'll be able to get some more done since it is National Service Week :)

This week is all kinds of fun stuff, it is also initiation week for Panhellenic sorority. I'm so excited for Sam to become one of my sisters! I love that my fellow Sperry-ite joined and loved my house as much as I have!

After all my classes, I went on the hunt for some ears. This Saturday night is "Pike Fright," a Halloween-themed date party with Pi Kappa Alpha. I'm excited to be going to my first fraternity date party! I really didn't want to wear my flapper costume for the THIRD time, so last night, me and my g-little were brainstorming ideas for a costume, and I'm going as a panda! I'm very excited! Well, I couldn't find any ears, so I decided to make my own ears. I got crafty and made! my own panda ears! Right now, they look like mouse ears, but I'm hoping that with the entire costume, you'll be able to tell that I'm a panda. You better believe I'll be posting pictures later.

Well, I will get off here and try to continue falling asleep by studying and watching Never Been Kissed.

Good night readers :)


I have a new widget on the left hand side of my blog! Visit formspring and ask me anything! I promise to be honest!

Real post coming later tonight!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November is my favorite month of the year!

(but I'm a little biased)

HAPPY NOVEMBER READERS! I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween to close out the month of October. I, on the other hand, slept like a baby for almost 11 straight hours :)
November is my favorite because the leaves change colors and fall, the weather gets a little more crisp, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and of course, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN

NOVEMBER! This particular November also brings with it: my best friend visiting for a weekend, Harry Potter 7 part 1 comes out, and I will be running in my first half marathon this month. Talk about November being a big month!

I don't know if I've said this (-slash-I've said this 100 times) but I have the WORST senioritis. I think it's because I'm in my 5th year that it's even worse than before. I went to my first class today, but then decided that I wanted to skip my second class to take a nap. I napped for an hour. Yes, that means in the past 24 hours, I've been asleep for 12 of them. Don't judge.

Tonight, I will be enrolling for my LAST semester as an undergraduate student. WHERE HAVE THE LAST 4.5 YEARS GONE?! It doesn't seem like it's been that long since I was walking across the stage on good ol' Herrington field. BUT, this is a HUGE accomplishment, and I'm so excited to be completing my Bachelor's!

I'm also very anxious to see where my life is headed in the next year! I know whatever it is I'll be doing, I'll be doing it passionately and happily.

I KNOW I've said this one before: I LOVE MY LIFE!

sorry for the short update today, but since I slept for 12 hours, there wasn't anything overly exciting to talk about :)