about aiukli

Once upon a time (in 2006), there was a young woman (that would be me) entering college all bright eyed and bushy tailed. She, being a Choctaw, very enthusiastically enrolled into a Choctaw language course. She learned vocabulary so quickly that she began trying to incorporate it more into every day life. Thus, at the end of the first semester, a domain name was created (nushkoboaiukli-chokvshweki).

Okay enough with the fairytale, it's not quite my style.

Nushkobo Aiukli, Chokvsh Weki was what I titled my blog when I first created it. Translated to English literally, it means Beautiful Head, Heavy Heart. (It was meant to translate to Beautiful Mind, Heavy Heart, but there is no word in Choctaw for mind.)

When I first started this blog, I was a freshman in college. I basically started it so I could have a place to vent about how lonely I was. I wanted the few people to read it and have sympathy for the things I was going through, without really coming out and saying that was why I was posting. It was awful. I was looking for love in all the wrong places, and deeply desired for my high school sweetheart to come back to me. I don't like looking back on my first posts, but it is what it is, and without that time period, I wouldn't be the strong person I am today.

Once I really accepted that this is what I was doing with the blog, I stopped blogging. I got some help. I began to look at life with a better point of view. But I still stopped blogging consistently. I didn't really know why I was blogging, or who I was blogging for. I would visit the site occasionally and update saying "I never get on here anymore" and fill you in on big things going on.

Then I ran across a little blog called Fairytale Beginning, and I loved reading about this woman's life. It also helped that she is an alumni from OU, and so I was thoroughly intrigued with all the living she had done after college.

I found a reason to blog, and who to blog for. I began to blog for me, and the blog has done a complete 180. I write my day-to-day adventures to remind myself 50 years down the road what was important to me. I write my thoughts and my feelings. I include YouTube videos that I love. I include a crap ton of pictures because I believe you can never take too many.

Am I still looking for love? No. I've found it. I've found it in my relationships with people, I've found it within myself, I've found it in scenery, I've found it in pictures. If I just so happen to find it romantically, then I will truly be the richest person on earth. I have big ideas for my life, and I am excited about things to come in the future. And I know I wouldn't be anywhere without the love and encouragement from my friends and family. They keep me strong, and the hold me accountable.

aiukli (pronounced eye-yuke-lee) simply means beautiful. Life is beautiful. Looking for the beauty in things is what keeps me going every day that I want to give up. "aiukli" is also my most recent tattoo, to serve as a daily reminder to find the beauty in every small thing.

aiukli on blogger is a way for me to share the things I find beautiful in life, be it a crazy story, beautiful scenery, exposing my inner demons, or just the simple day-to-day living I do. I hope you will find that life is truly beautiful, and I thank you for letting me share what makes my life beautiful.