Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Mr. Attractive

So here's the sitch on soon-to-be banker Mr. Attractive.

I met him for the first time on Valentine's Day (yes I know, cliche. It's okay.). I currently work as a teller for a local bank, and as a teller we have a path of certifications to follow. Well once I hit Teller II, I have the option of staying on as a teller and working toward Teller Supervisor or switching to become a banker. I decided to start on the path of a banker, and this caused forced enrollment in the "how to become a banker" class.

First day of class, I sat in the back row (like a bad student) between a guy who works at my branch and some other rando. Once the guy who works at my branch came in (being the last one in), our instructor started the icebreaker game. I quickly realized that I was the only girl in this class. whomp whomp. So we started the icebreaker, and the goal of it was to find something unique you had in common with each of the other peoplein the class. I went through a lot of the other people in the class, and then last, or second to last, I meet Mr. Attractive. I instantly was attracted. I don't really know why exactly, but I was kind of speechless.

Then after the icebreaker, the instructor switched it up. Mr. Attractive ended up being seated next to me. SCORE! I spent the next two days of training pining after him without really knowing why. Pretty much everyone in the class could tell too. Except for Mr. Attractive. That's how it always seems to go!

I tried to not think about it, and then finally last week I decided to text Mr. Attractive's coworker and ask what the deal was about him. Coworker's response? "I KNEW, I KNEEEEEEEEEEEWWW YOU WERE FLIRTING WITH HIM HARDCORE! I tried to tell him too." Our conversation continued on in a similar manner, until toward the end he said he would say something to him the next day at work if I wanted him to. I then asked if he should say something or if I should. His next response? "Well I already said something, and he seemed pretty excited, he's already talking about going on a double, so you can get all dolled up and I'll get a girl lined up and we'll plan it out." SUPER EXCITED.

Then I went out for Fat Tuesday and tried not to think about it. But it's all I could think about. Fast forward to Thursday, and Coworker informs me that he has given Mr. Attractive my number. Enter panic mode.

But now it's Tuesday, and I still haven't heard from him. It's starting to get a little discouraging, but I don't know what else I can do. Coworker claims Mr. Attractive is just shy, but seriously?! If we both know the other is interested, why is this so hard?

Why are guys so damn complicated?! My coworker said it best: "If we (men) were easy, you wouldn't want us.".....very true. I know this firsthand.

Any advice for me? Just wait it out?? HELP!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fat Tuesday 2012

So this past Tuesday was Fat Tuesday. I've never celebrated before because most Wednesdays during school, I had an early morning Wednesday class. That, and not many people wanted to celebrate either.

I decided I was going to change that this year. I didn't have to be at work until 10 on Wednesday, and I had just gotten back from an AMAZING weekend, so why not continue that celebration into the week?

If you've been around for a while, you should know that drinking holidays are some of my favorites. St. Patrick's Day? LOVE IT. Cinco de Mayo? CERVEZAS FOR EVERYONE! 4th of July? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 'MERICA! HAVE A BREWSKI!
Because of my love for those holidays, I really have no idea why on earth I've never celebrated Mardi Gras before. So while I was in Norman last weekend, I texted a couple of my buddies to force convince ask them nicely to come out with me for Fat Tuesday. One of them didn't text me back until Tuesday, and by then I decided that my plans had changed. The other one was sick, but he so graciously agreed to join me out in downtown Tulsa for Fat Tuesday.

Before I went out downtown, I went to Taco Tuesday with Shawna. WHILE I was with Shawna, I got some exciting news about Mr. Attractive from banker class. But that story is still to come. I'm making y'all wait another post!

It was SO. MUCH. FUN. I met up with John and his friend Chase, and we went to a couple different bars in downtown. We started hanging out around 8:30 or so. We slowly made our way from downtown to just East of downtown to a place called Mercury Lounge. AWESOME drink specials there, by the way.

While at Mercury, I ran into two of my cousins. One of them and I used to hang out a lot when we were kids, so it was kind of fun to hang out with her again. I said goodbye to John, Chase, and Patti around 1 a.m., and in doing so I definitely stayed out wayyyyyy too late. Lucky for me I slept pretty good for having stayed out so late.

It was such a fun night and I can't wait until I get to celebrate Fat Tuesday with Katy next year!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Amazing Weekend pt. 2

So I left off with my entirety o Friday. As you can imagine, lots of ridiculousness ensued from the copious amounts of imbibing occurred between me and my friends on Friday.

Saturday, I woke up way too late, and then promptly showered. I hung around the house for a little bit until Katy and Marc came and picked me up. We went to this little hole in the wall near campus called The Greek House. As you can imagine, it serves authentic Greek gyros which are AMAZING and HUGE. It's not too bad of a price either, with the gyros being about $7. It's totally worth it. I couldn't finish it, and I was STARVING. It was kind of unfortunate how much food I ate because I was meeting my APO little Nageen for dinner around 6:45.

After we had our very late lunch, the three of us drove around Norman for a little bit before going to hang out at Michelle's for about an hour. Once 6:30 rolled around, Katy and I parted ways and I met up with Nageen and her little, Dolly, at Padthai for dinner. I tried a different style of noodle and it was fantastic. As always. Then while we were at dinner, I decided that I wanted to see more of my fellow APOers, so I went with them across the street to the campus for the APO big/little ceremony. I got to see so many of the people in all three different families while I was there for about an hour. It was fantastic.

After I stayed way later on campus than I had intended, I went back to the sorority house to change tops. While I was there, I kidnapped the girl who lives across the hall from Katy and made her come with me, Katy, and Marc to another local restaurant called Blu. Blu isn't really my scene, but the drink specials were amazing. House brews were $2, and well drinks were $2. Make it a double for $3. I had a couple drinks, and then we ordered some appetizers. We seriously only meant to stay for about an hour, but then the four of us got to talking and never left. We were then joined by my good friend from APO, Eli, and he sat with us and talked until closing time.

Kaitlin drove us home, where I ended up sleeping way too late the next day as well. Then Kaitlin and I hung out all day until Katy and Marc came back over to the house. Then the four of us went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Gaberino's.
Funny story about dinner. While we were at Gaberino's we noticed a girl there that we had seen the night before at Blu. But this time she was with a completely different guy. And she was in completely different clothes than the night before. The night before she had worn super high heels and pleather pants. This time, she was in Toms and skinnys. It was highly entertaining to the four of us.

Sunday evening, Katy, Sam, Rennie, and Kaitlin and I hung out in Kaitlin's room while they all did homework. Then Monday I got up, showered, and came back home.

I had an amazing weekend, and I really did not want to leave at all. I truly do miss being around my college friends all the time. They're some good people. I love them, and I'm so glad I decided to take Friday off to have such a long weekend with my friends.

How were your weekends?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Amazing Weekend pt.1

I have some really exciting news concerning the attractive man I met last week! But more about that later...

So I had a FANTASTIC weekend. I decided to take last Friday off and sneak away to Norman to visit my friends. Since Monday was President's Day, it was technically a bank holiday, that meant I had weaseled my way into a four day weekend.

After I got off work on Thursday, I hurriedly packed and then headed out to Norman. While on my way, my Soul Twin texted me and asked where I was going that night. To be honest, I hadn't planned on going out at all, just thought I'd settle in and go to sleep kind of soon-ish because I like to go to bed early now that I have a job and stuff. Well, Andy and I decided we were going to meet at a local pub so he could get a study break in and I could get my weekend started off right. Andy and I had a few, joined by Katy, and then we went and picked up my friend Steven to take him home from Campus Corner. Then Katy and I escaped to the sorority house where she and I talked for a solid 3 hours or so just like we used to when we lived together.

Friday morning, I woke up way earlier than I had originally intended, but I was completely okay with it. I rushed downstairs to see three of my favorite people, Mike, Dennis, and Lawanna. These three people have worked in the sorority house for a very long time, and me being the person that I am, made them get to know me as soon as I could because I wanted to know who was cooking my food and was going to be in and out of the common areas. After I bugged them half the morning and got them completely off their routine, I just hung around the house all morning. Then I texted my good friend Michelle around 2:30 and told her it was time for a fishbowl. What is a fishbowl? There is a small taco shop on campus corner that has AMAZING drink specials. A fishbowl is one such good drink special. It is a gallon of alcohol, and requires four IDs in order to be bought. That's right, IDs. Michelle grabbed her boyfriend Matty and I drug Steven out of bed so we could have our minimum 4 IDs. And so it started. Around 3 p.m., we had our fishbowl. The party continued on to Joe's Taverna, and then to Michelle's apartment before Katy left to go to the date party.

The four of us hung out again for a few hours, and then Steven and I went to his place so I could see my best friend, who also happens to be his roommate. Rags was hanging out with their buddies TJ and Chris, and the five of us stayed up entirely way too late having an awesome time hanging out.

This is way more detail than I thought it would be. So I'll end it with Friday and continue on the rest of the weekend in subsequent posts. You'll just have to wait a little longer on man update, because I also have my Fat Tuesday celebration to share....stay tuned!

Monday, February 20, 2012

My take on Valentine's Day and Love

I know, I know, I've been absent. I don't really have an explanation. I wanted to write last week. I wanted to talk about how much I didn't like Valentine's Day, but then I realized that in doing so, I would then be shouting out to the world that I'm single. And I am. I love it. I've hardly ever liked Valentine's Day. When you're in a relationship, there's all these pressures to have the perfect date, find the perfect gift to let your loved one know you care. Part of why I hate it is because when things don't go correctly, it makes it ruin the evening. I've had one of those dates where it wasn't what it was planned to be, and all it did was make me wish he hadn't tried so hard, that he had just done what was "us."

When you're single, fellow singles call it single awareness day. Now I hate this, because it's super cynical. I mean, I can be pretty cynical about love as well, but for some reason, when I saw so many status updates and tweet updates about "Singles Awareness Day," it really just kind of irritated me. Why can't we be happy for those that ARE in relationships and choose to have a huge display on this day? I mean, I personally would rather someone tell me they love me everyday, have a secret admirer randomly ask me on a date instead of it be the one day that is supposed to be "the day of love." Why can't every day be a day of love?

Then almost all of the TV shows last week, AND this week are also centered on love. Some personal favorites are the episodes of Whitney (shows when Whitney and Alex first met), How I Met Your Mother (even though it probably didn't end up the way most of you wanted, I thought it was perfect), and Hart of Dixie (I have a feeling that something is about to go DOWN with the Lavon/Lemon/George/Zoe/Wade situation, and SOON.)

And then song has slowly made its way to my number one country song obsession right now:
I mean, I don't have anyone that this song particularly goes out to right now, but f'reals, what girl doesn't think that every now and then? I guess I'm not too much of a cynic right now. Part of it is also that I'm obsessed with Kimberly Perry's voice. I don't know why. I like the more gravelly sounding voices, and have for forever.

But then I spent an AMAZING weekend away from home (which is what I originally intended this post for, my how easily I get distracted...), and realized that love of friends can be all you need sometimes.

But I also return to work tomorrow, and I did meet someone I find attractive that works for my same company (different location) and he's been all I've been able to think about since I've returned home today. I'm nervous and anxious about connecting with him...I had lots of opportunity to try to set something up, but I chickened out last minute. Eh, it happens.

I promise to update on my weekend later this week!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is

So for those of you that have been following me for a while, you may remember that I moved into my own place back in the beginning of October. I've been living here for four months, and have yet to truly feel like this is my home. I haven't really felt like anywhere is actual home. Still kind of in limbo here.

Yesterday as I was getting out of the shower, I thought about why this place I've called "home" for four months doesn't feel like home. I realized that this is probably mostly due to the fact that all of my walls are blank. Completely blank. I haven't hung anything up on my walls at all in the four months I've been here. I've had pictures sitting around on shelves and tables, but nothing has been on the walls since I moved in. I decided that I needed to change this if i really want this to be home.

I've been hoarding a $30 gift card to Target since my birthday, trying to figure out what I wanted to purchase for my home. I've been going back and forth between saving it for another piece of furniture, curtains, or random decorations. Last night I decided that it was time to make this apartment a home and I bought a hammer, nails, and hooks to start hanging stuff up in my house.

I now have pictures hanging up in my living room, paddles hanging from the wall in my bedroom, artistic photos in my bathroom. It doesn't quite feel like home just yet, but it is also the first day. I'm determined to make the next 8 months feel like I am truly home. After all, home is where the heart is, and I want to put my heart into my first place. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Review: my two most recent finished books

whoa, whoa, WHOA. Where are my manners?! My BFF Katy introduced me to this site called good reads, and in doing so, I realized that I NEVER gave a review over One Day.

Well now you get a two-for!
That's right party people. Now you get an update on the last two books that I've read :)
Let's go way back to October/November for an update on One Day:

I decided I wanted to read this book after Valerie and Sam reviewed it.

Okay to start off, you probably know by now, but it follows the lives of two friends, Emma and Dexter, throughout their lives starting with the day of graduation from college and throughout the next 20 years. It only tells the story of ONE DAY though, and it is just creative enough that it lets you fill in the blanks of what happened on the other 364 days since the last time you saw Em and Dex, Dex and Em.

This book takes enough twists and turns that it makes the story completely believable. Throughout the entire book, the pair are friends, enemies, and on the brink of being in love. I really don't want to give too much of this book away. It's really a good book. I don't know if you've seen the movie or not, but the movie is also good. It just leaves out some very vital pieces of the book. You should definitely read the book if you haven't already.

Like my two friends before me, I must warn you, this is not the ending you expect. I refuse to tell you if they end up together or not, but you should really spend some time with this book. The end will get you. For real.

I have never read this book. I know that may shock some of you, but it's true. I have been told by many people that this is a very good book and a pretty good musical adaptation as well.

I liked this book up until the end. I feel like that's blasphemous, because everyone who's watched The Wizard of Oz knows how this story ends: she gets water spilled on her and she dies. So there's no spoiler there.

The story leading up to the non-climactic ending is amazing though. It begins with the birth of the green-skinned Elphaba, and follows her journey through life as a student at Shiz, leading up to being the Wicked Witch of the East.

Throughout the book, she struggles with the thought of not having a soul and wanting to fight for what she thinks is moral. Elphaba does wrong and tries to right them, sees wrong and tries to right it, all while struggling with trying to figure out if she really does have a soul.

The book does jump forward in time quite a bit, but it gives you lots of intriguing characters, Fiyero being my favorite. I feel like the book ended way too quickly, with a whole lot of build up, build up, build up, and then it was over. But overall, I really liked this book, and am glad that I decided to read it. I look forward to picking up the sequel, Son of a Witch.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

quick random update

So I've completely failed at blogging lately. Trust me, I've had plenty of stuff to write about. I've actually had time to write too. But instead of just writing it out, I've been looking at my computer and saying "meh."

So what have I been doing the past two weeks? All kinds of stuff. For starters, I've finished Wicked. Look for a book review coming up on that.

A couple Fridays ago, I went to dinner and a movie with my mom, grandma, and three aunts. We went and saw One for the Money. I liked it, but the book is definitely better. I think I'm going to pick up the series again and try to read it. I got stuck on the second book while I was trying to read it. I think I got stuck there because I was getting ready to go to school.
After that night. I did absolutely nothing at my house. F'Reals.

Last week was a typical week at work. BUT SURPRISE! Mom came over on Thursday night with food for us! FREE GOOD FOOD!! HECK YES!

Pretty much all I have been doing is reading and watching TV. I did cheer for the Giants in the Super Bowl, making this the second year in a row I've cheered for the winner. If only I were a bettin' woman!...
I've watched all the episodes of Grimm. It's good like Once Upon a Time, but definitely in a different way!
And now, I'm catching up on episodes of The voice. LOVE this show and LOVE Adam Levine. rawr.

Movies I'm looking forward to catching in theaters:
The Woman in Black, The Vow, Underworld: Awakening, The Grey, Red Tails, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
Movies I'll probably actually see while in theaters:
Let's be honest here. I'm a cheap-o. I'd rather wait and rent them, either on a redbox or on my Cox on Demand. But still, they all look great.

And of course, I'll be seeing The Hunger Games next month!! If you haven't read it yet, you now have 44 DAYS until the movie comes out. May the odds be ever in your favor. :)