Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm co-hosting a giveaway!

Ladies (and gentlemen),

Do you love Scenic Glory as much as I do? Yes? Have you checked out her shop? Yes? See something in there you are just DIEING to have? YES?! Then go here and see how you can have a chance to win a $45 credit to her shop! I sponsored her site this month, and she and I decided to co-host a giveaway in her shop. There isn't much you have to do to have a chance to win! AND, the most expensive thing in her shop is $45, so you can literally get ANYTHING you want!

[this giveaway also explains why my number of readers jumped 9 people in one day! Hello to Tiffany, Kristina, Sarah, bobbie, Nadiine, lgamble86, Caitlin Nelson, Ashley, and Lacy Nicol! I'm glad you decided to join us here at aiukli! Feel free to look around :) ]

Good luck!

p.s. I'm stuck on the 30 Days of Photos challenge. I literally cannot figure out what picture to post with my next topic. That's why it's on hold :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 17: A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

The University of Oklahoma
Even though it's been 5 years in the making, being at the University forever altered the direction my life was going. I met some of the best people ever.

Bank of Oklahoma Financial Corporation
Getting this job offer made it to where I will have my first place, and it is my first full-time job. Nothing better than that!

Monday, June 27, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 16: A picture of someone who inspires you

I'm lucky enough to be able to call this woman my grandmother.
She's one tough cookie. She has won the battle with breast cancer, broken an ankle, gotten hit by a semi (that's right, SEMI) while she was walking, and still told it all to suck it. (not in those words)
She hasn't the strongest faith I've ever seen in a person--she knows God and isn't afraid to let others know.
She values family more than anything.
She gets upset when family isn't getting along.
She knows her convictions, and isn't afraid to stand by them.
She raised three pretty awesome daughters.
She sacrificed her own time and money to help my mom out with me and my brothers.

I'm sorry, but I'm just going to have to say that my grandma is better than yours, and I yearn to be as good as a person as she is.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 15: A picture of something you want to do before you die

I want to watch a game in Yankee Stadium. I'm just sad it will never be in the original :(

Saturday, June 25, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 14: A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without

I'm going to have to recycle some photos for this one.

We've got the family members:
all the cousins starting at the far left and going to right:
Hannah, Emma, Jared (brother), MacKenzie, Jacob (brother), Edith, and me

my Mimi

me, Mom, Jessica, Annya

and the friends:


Josalyn and Kaitlin





the amazing women of Electric Avenue:
Katy, Lindsey, me, Meghan, Colleen, Rachel, Haley
Julia, Kathryn, Shelby, Kaitlin, Michelle, Hannah

Friday, June 24, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 13: A picture of your favorite band or artist.

I have more than one "favorite" for everything, but this is my ALL-TIME NEVER CHANGING favorite:
I LOVE THESE GUYS, and would sell a kidney to get to see them in concert. Nothing can top them!

Some of my other obsessions: The All-American Rejects, Paramore, Eli Young Band, Lifehouse and Incubus.
Again, Aerosmith is the shiz.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

movin' on up

Guys, I'm moving up in the world of bank tellers. Not really, but ever since I have been there the past three weeks, I have done nothing but training and have only been allowed to run deposits only.
I went to a special training last week to learn all the ins and outs of being a teller with our system, and then returned to my branch this week to continue running straight deposits.

Today, I had to take a test to determine whether or not I was "ready" to be a teller on my own with a cash drawer. Initially, my mentor wanted me to wait until tomorrow to take the test, and then get into a cash drawer either Monday or Tuesday. I received the test just before noon today, and decided to take it before I went on my lunch break.

I passed the test, and will be getting into a cash drawer tomorrow :)

I still like my job, but I definitely can't wait until August hits to have my own place. In the three weeks I've been an employee, I've spent almost $150 in gas! It might actually be more than that because if I paid with cash at some point, I have no record of that in my debit card transaction history. Now that's just damn ridiculous.

And I'm dating a boy. He's cute and cool, and he makes me laugh, and for some reason he doesn't mind putting up with my weird-ness. And I tricked politely asked him to go to a wedding with me and he actually agreed. And I'm pretty sure he may just be tricked into convinced to go with me to the Ke$ha concert in July :)
I guess he's a keeper ;-)

Other than work, I'm just trying to find as much time as possible to relax, and am reading books. I picked up a new book last weekend, Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie, per recommendation of my friend Sam...but I really don't know when I will be getting to it, just because I have about 15 books on my shelf to read...including the Pretty Little Liars series...which will probably be read next since they will be a little bit easier to finish.

I'm super excited for 4th of July. I know this means nothing to anyone but Americans, but it's for real one of my most favorite holidays of the year. It's a time for family, food, fireworks, and beer. and I love it.

30 Days of Photos

Day 12: A picture of something you love

I love your typical answers to this: friends, family, food, etc. BUT I wanted to give a slightly different answer.
I love just about anything. If someone recommends a book, I'll probably read it. Even if I don't like something when I first start it, I'll still try to finish it :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 11: A picture of something you hate


Onions and Peppers. Don't get me wrong, I know some dishes will not be complete without these two ingredients, but I REALLY hate them. If it's a dish that has to have it to have the right flavors, go ahead and cook them in with it, just leave the pieces big enough so I can pick them out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 10: A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

Umm....I guess it would be this gal:

I love and miss you very much.

Monday, June 20, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 09: A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

Pictures of each person who has been there for almost every big thing I've gone through:


Erika and Katy


mom, Jessica, and Annya

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life Update

So where have I been?

I actually haven't been anywhere. With me having my first-ever big girl job, I'm trying to find the fine balance between working, sleeping, and having some "me" time. Blogging would be how I would spend my alone time when I was back at school, but I'm having a hard time finding that now that I have a real job, just because I am so tired ALL THE TIME. I know that's not a good reason to temporarily go MIA in the blogiverse, but it's the truth. I'm dating someone, and I don't even have time to see him. I've decided to schedule a bunch of 30 Day Photo Challenge posts so you'll at least have some pictures to look at while I'm still trying to find that balance.

So I have been working, working, working, and dreaming about moving into my apartment. I got approved to move in on Tuesday, and will be looking at moving into an apartment complex in a suburb of Tulsa either August or September, depending on when they have an opening for me. I'm going to be living on my own for the first time! I'm super excited!!

Here's to being a first-time big girl!

30 Days of Photos

Day 08: A picture that makes you laugh

There are so many pictures that make me laugh, but here is a most recent one, and it's not even me!
You can't tell me you don't look at that and laugh :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tell the World Tuesday!

Do you like Tuesdays yet? I'm super excited for today's feature! This week I bring to you one of my sorority sisters, Allie, from Words Alone. Allie joined my sorority during my second year in house, and then she and I got put into the same kick-ass family! She is also participating in the 30 Day Photo Challenge with me, so you should go check it out! Read on to see what Allie has to say today, then go check out her space!

1. First things first, tell me where you blog and a small paragraph about your blog.
I blog in a little place known as Words Alone.  I started blogging on Xanga when I was in middle school I believe.  It was basically just a place for me to vent mostly.  I would talk about my day if I felt like it, but mostly I vented.  I was an angry teen.  I started this blog as an assignment for class.  It was originally named The Tendencies of an Irish Wench.  Yeah, not sure where I came up with it other than me being Irish and the fact that I get called "wench" a lot!  Lol!  

I post a ton of pictures!  I recently started the 30 Days of Photos Challenge and put it together with the posting everyday for 30 days challenge.  Redundant I know, but I'm trying to more than just a photo post everyday.  I also do Obscure Monday, What I'm Loving Wednesdays, and Thankful Thursdays.  Obscure Monday is where I pick a random, little-known movie and review it.  I love this because I watch A LOT of random movies.  One of my favorite topics to write about it Frolfing (disc golf).  I suck at it, but I love to go play with the guys.  You'll notice when I blog about it there are usually several flower pictures.  Thats my random and ADDish self kicking in!  My family and their... um... uniqueness (if that's what you'd call it) is also a big topic of mine.  Mostly though, it's the day to day adventures I have with my boyfriend Matt and our two dogs Roxi and Tank.  

It's been a trip getting started with this whole blogging business, but a pleasant one!

2. Give me 5 words you use to describe yourself:
Loud, passionate, random/eclectic, maternal, seeking

3. Do you use a real alarm clock or your phone? If you use your phone, what tune do you wake up to?
When I use a "real" alarm clock, it tends to get hit or thrown.  I hate hate HATE mornings.  Unless I get woken up with breakfast that is!!  Mmmm breakfast... sorry tangent there.  I use my phone (because it'll cost me waaaayyy too much if I throw it!) to wake me up in the mornings.  My first alarm is The Poison by All American Rejects (from the Almost Alice cd better known as the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack).  The second one (15 min later) is just a stock HTC tone called New Day.  I just realized that actually.  Now I'm gonna change it.  Oh well.

4.  What (or who) inspires you most?
It really depends on the day.  Like today, it was my boss Angie.  She just got her son back full time and is a manager at work, the second in the food chain actually.  She keeps such a level head in a high stress environment.  Almost every day, Matt and my mom inspire me.  Both have gone through so much more than I could ever imagine going through but still look forward to (most) everyday.  They both put up with my s*** too!  My baby brother is another big inspiration for me.  The things he has to deal with being gay are things I will never experience, but he's still my best friend and still loves to laugh through it all.

In the way of a what, I'd have to say nature.  I'm a poet/writer so when I go outside I have soooo many thoughts and images to work with!!  The fact that even if a bird misses his worm he still sings makes me wonder why I complain so much at times.

5. Do you read for fun? If so, what are you currently reading; or what is a book you recommend?
Yes!!!  If I could sit outside in a hammock everyday and read for a living I so would!  Oooo, I know what I'm buying with my tax refund now.  A hammock.  And more books!!  I'm a sucker for vampire/supernatural novels and series.  My favorite, by far, is the Sookie Stackhouse Series (aka TrueBlood).  I'm a Harry Potter nerd too.  

I also love to research different topics.  My current topic is a little taboo but those are the most fun to read about.  No, its not tantric acts.  It's actually Wicca.  Currently I'm reading Wicca For Life by Raymond Buckland.  It's really interesting to look at how different religions see the world around them and the natural phenomenon that occurs, as well as the common misconceptions and myths that are believed.  My next one I believe will be Buddhism.  

If I could recommend one book (not series), it would definitely be Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  I don't care how good the original is, add some zombies or vamps and you got me hooked!

6. What is something you’ve always wanted to do?
Oh goodness!  Skydive, travel the world, help rescue animals (see my "youngest"), get a tattoo or 10 (in the works!), own a home, live in another state for awhile, open a restaurant, scuba dive and take underwater pictures, have a home photography business...  I have quite a few things I've always wanted to do!

7. What is your favorite part of the day, and why?
Night.  I love sitting outside and looking at the stars on a warm, breezy summer night (with loads of bugspray of course!).  Also, it's the time of day Matt and I always have together even if we don't have the day off.  I like midday too, but not if it's 90 some odd degrees out like it has been.  I like to be able to take the dogs to the park or go play a round of frolf.  Shopping is more fun during the day too! (not as many crowds)  The only time of day I dislike really is mornings.  Unless there is coffee and breakfast involved.  Or when the night is so late that is actually 6am, those are some fun times with us!
(Taken on the road between Muskogee and Norman)

8. Where is the favorite place you traveled? OR Where is a place you would like to travel?
Favorite is a tie between Alabama and Colorado.  Two completely different places that I love for completely different reasons.  I would really love to go to Ireland.  A little cliche, I know, but I'm Irish.  And it would be more than a dream come true to photograph the people and countryside.  I also want to do a photography tour of Amsterdam.  I think there would a lot of stuff we don't see here that would be interesting to photograph.

9. What’s your guilty pleasure (food, tv show, etc.)
What isn't?!?!?!  Sushi is a little bit of an obsession with me.  I could eat it everyday.  I get asked a lot if I'm ever worried that I live in a landlocked state and eat sushi here.  Nope!  As long as it is kept cold, it's good for a day or so.  I also love tea.  I have a whole shelf dedicated to it.  I used to have more but Matt wouldn't let me buy any more until I finished some of what I already had.  Television is a bit more complicated.  It seems I have a show for each time of year: TrueBlood, Dexter, Spartacus, Criminal Minds, NCIS... yeah... I like my tv.  I'm a musical whore.  I love The Labyrinth most of all.  A few others: Were the World Mine, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, and anything Disney.

10. Give your favorite inspirational quote, photo, or both!
I have a few (imagine that!)... 

-We don't read and write poetry because its cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is full of passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, there are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. --Dead Poets Society

-Only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason.--Andre Gide

-Write while the heat is in you. The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with. He cannot inflame the minds of his audience.--Henry David Thoreau

-A hundred men may make an encampment, but it takes a woman to make a home.--Chinese proverb

-Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.--Henry David Thoreau

"Southern girls are Gods gift to the entire male population. there is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the mason-dixon line, and once you go southern, may the good lord help you, you never go back."-- Kenny Chesney

(both via google)

11. What is the one thing you want to Tell the World today?
Live your life to the fullest.  Explore new places and mindsets.  Don't ever let yourself settle for "good enough."  Strive for perfection, but don't despair in failure.  Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life or who to be.  Be the best YOU you can be.  But most of all, enjoy the life you have been given and take joy in even the smallest things.
(via google)


There you have it! Allie, your "what to tell the world" was super powerful! Thanks for taking the time to participate in my feature, and I'm glad to have you here on my site! To all of my readers, go check out Words Alone and share some love!

Do you want to be featured on Tell the World Tuesday? I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU! Either comment on this post or shoot me an e-mail over at mbattiestOKU{at}gmail{dot}com, and we'll get everything squared away!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Days of Photos

Day 07: A picture of your most treasured item

This is a strange one to think about. I'm struggling with this one, because it's always been hard for me to hold possessions at high values because I can't take it with me when I'm gone...

But the more I think about it, the more I realize what it is. I actually have two. One of them I've never been able to get a good picture of. It's my OU class ring.
I technically don't have this in my possession yet, so I'll put what it will go in once I get it:

I can't help it, I'm a little proud of myself for graduating from college, and graduating from a major University while doing it too!

CHECK BACK TOMORROW FOR A TELL THE WORLD TUESDAY FEATURE! If I've asked you to participate and you haven't sent me an e-mail back, I would LOVE for you to respond as soon as you can! Tomorrow is my last scheduled feature :(

Sunday, June 12, 2011

book review

I've finished another book, and it was suggested that I review the books as I finish instead of a huge entry.

This book is kind of odd. The main character, Harry Dresden, is a wizard. It's a mystery-type of book with some really weird parts to the story. It also has some very hilarious parts that made me laugh out loud. I was recommended this series by my best friend Sean, and he says that this is the worst one so far. I think it has 9 or so books of the series. As you can see, it also says as seen on SciFi...well SciFi is now SyFy, so I don't really know if it's still a show on it or not, but it was a pretty decent book.

I would recommend this book if you like some dark mysteries and are not afraid to laugh out loud if you're reading it in public. Because he is a wizard, he has some mishaps that are freaking hilarious.

I will most likely continue on with the series, but not before reading other books on my book shelf.

Up next, The Girl Who Played With Fire, book two of the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Actually, I already started it and am about 200 pages in. It's great :)

30 Days of Photos

Day 06: A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day

My number one girl crush:

I freaking love her, and would love to know what it's like to be as beautiful as she is with a burr :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm not dead yet :)

Hello bloggers and readers! I know, I KNOW, that I've fallen off the face of the planet this week. It's been crazy all over the place. First, I may not have mentioned this before, but my father and I do not have a relationship at all. He came in semi-unannounced on Sunday and I was not prepared for it at all. It ended horribly too.
On Tuesday, I sent my brother off on a jet plane to go to boot camp. I had some leaking of the eyes, but I didn't cry. He won't be back in Oklahoma until a week before my birthday in November, and that makes me sad.

I started my new job on Wednesday, and I really think I'm going to like it. I have been working both that job and the concession stand job, which is why I haven't been around much. I have had very few hours of down time, and this is actually the first time I've turned on my computer all week. But I'll continue on with the 30 Day Photo Challenge:

Day 05: A Picture of Your Favorite Memory
I have a really hard time picking just one, so here are multiple pictures:

getting accurately portrayed by awesome people

watching OU beat Texas my senior year with my friends

the night of IRD...crazy all over the place.

date party shenanigans
graduating from college

my senior date party, and all the shenanigans that ensued
Thanks for bearing with me through all the craziness that's been going on in my life this week. I will also kind of be MIA for the weekend, as I will be working my first job. Next week is only one job though, and I also will be putting a deposit down for an apartment! I'm super excited.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tell the World Tuesday!

I'm super duper excited for today's feature! I found this beautiful lady while browsing through some FTLOB lists, and I've been addicted ever since! She is amazingly beautiful, funny, and positive! She is not ashamed to admit her love for her husband or cheez-its at any time, and this honesty is inspiring! So today, I bring you the beautiful Shalyn from Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt!

Hey there Life Is Beautiful followers and stalkers! My name is Shalyn and I am so excited to be sharing some space with Mallori today- she is fantastic, as you all know, so this is an honor! Here is what I want to tell the world this fine Tuesday:

1. First things first, tell me where you blog and a small paragraph about your blog.
My blog is Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt and it is primarily a lifestyle blog with a little bit of style,food, recipes,food and other random (and I do mean RANDOM) junk thrown in! As my title indicates, I LOVE to laugh and I started my blog to celebrate that.
2. Give me 5 words you use to describe yourself:
Professional eater (2 words- so sue me), silly, fun-loving (if you hyphenate, it counts as one), traveler, hygienist

3. Do you use a real alarm clock or your phone? If you use your phone, what tune do you wake up to?
I use my husband. Don't be jealous or anything but my husband ENJOYS waking up at oh, about 5 AM every single darn day. I am cursed that I cannot sleep very long without him so there you go...and people wonder why I am so grumpy all the time! ;-)

4. What (or who) inspires you most?

No doubt, my husband. He will get a call in the middle of the night from someone who needs something and never hesitate a SECOND to help them. He is constantly serving others and that is something to be admired. On a less serious note, I love Reese Witherspoon! She is such a classy actress!

5. Do you read for fun? If so, what are you currently reading; or what is a book you recommend?
HECK TO THE YES. Reading is my favorite thing to do and now that I don't have my nose in textbooks (Hallelujah chorus commences) I have been reading A LOT! I just got done reading Water for Elephants and Something Borrowed (both FANTASTIC) and am now reading The Confession by John Grisham. I would recommend them all!

6. What is something you’ve always wanted to do?
Skydiving is on my bucket list and I WILL do it before I get pregnant. It was actually my birthday/graduation gift from my dad that he would take me but he needs to lose some weight first...(sore subject...lets not talk about it;-))

7. What is your favorite part of the day, and why?
Mealtime, no hesitation. Does this need to be explained? Lucky for me, this usually lasts every waking hour of my day. It's a miracle I am not 573 pounds.

8. Where is the favorite place you traveled? OR Where is a place you would like to travel?
I am lucky enough to have been to both Hawaii and the Bahamas and they are equally amazing in my eyes. Next? I want to go to Ireland!

9. What’s your guilty pleasure (food, tv show, etc.)
Vampire Diaries on the CW and Pretty Little Liars on Fox Family- they are both SO GOOD and don't even get me started on how equally good looking the Salvatore brothers on VD are! Almost as good looking as my husband...

10. Give your favorite inspirational quote, photo, or both!
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"- may not be my absolute favorite, but its the only one I constantly can remember.

11. What is the one thing you want to Tell the World today?
Be kind to each other- life is too short to judge and belittle each other! oh, and you are beautiful, believe it! (I know, easier said than done!)

Feel free to stop by my little corner of Blogland anytime, I would love to hear from you! Thanks again Mallori! Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

Readers, go check out Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt NOW! I'm serious, her posts are great, and she is a loyal reader and commenter. You will not be sorry for following, she almost always makes you laugh, and ALWAYS makes you smile! Do it! Now!

You know the drill, if you want to be featured, let me know via comment or e-mail!

Happy Tuesday Friends!