Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sleepy-ness should be a good excuse to stay in bed.

for some strange reason, it seems the more days that go by, the more tired I get. I'm so exhausted right now that probably after I write, I will go to bed, even though I need to go downstairs and print off my English assignment..I'll just do it in the morning.

Choctaw is so freaking early! not really, but for some reason I didn't sleep well the last two nights. bleh it's pooey. after Choctaw I came back and took a nappy-poo =) before my Zoology class. sorry guys, didn't learn much new today. we're going over cells.

then after that, me, Meridith, and her boyfriend Tony went to the cafeteria and then to the Huff. we were there for TWO HOURS!! but that's ok, cuz we did like a full body workout today..which by the way, I will probably be super sore tomorrow. Then after the game, I did my English homework which is a one page rough draft of our argumentation paper.

ok, so my article is written by one of the students here, and he talks about how the Democratic party has the power to veto any new plan just because they are in majority in Congress. but he also thinks that they won't do it. I'm not sure what I think about that..I'm not sure they will either, just because they wouldn't want to cause any friction, but then again there are a few Demos who are so against the war right now that they just might surprise us. So anyways, I decided to do mine to where I agree with the writer, and let me tell ya, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

so after I got done with homework, I showered, and then went to Wal*Mart. my advice to everyone out there?? DO NOT SHOP AT WAL-MART WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY. now, I only spent $40, but still, I probably bought stuff I shouldn't have. lol. but that's ok. I have stuff to eat in the mornings now. ha ha!

and then I went to the men's basketball game. it was aight, we played boy scout troop #843. lol not really but they played Longwood and won by like 40. I don't care, I just saw my future husband =) he played good, I was rather proud...roflmao

now it's off to bed.........................................so tired.

definitely interesting weekend.

ok, so this weekend was amazingly fun, but I don't want to have another one like that for a while.

Friday night, me, Katie, Lisa, and Caroline decided to have a mini-girls' night out. We got all dressed up =) and went to OKC to take Lisa's MAC to the MAC store. Then we went to Bricktown for dinner...we wanted to eat at Zio's, but it was an hour wait. So we decided to try out a new restaurant called Othello's. It was ok. I've definitely had better. it was an "American" restaurant as Jessica said--it served pasta, steak, and seafood. lol what an assortment.

Anyways, the waiter was hott. seriously. I wanted to ask if he had a big enough to-go box for him to fit in =) but Katie and Lisa wouldn't let me.

after dinner, we came back to the dorms and hung out til about 10:30. me and Caroline got ice cream, and then we went to party #1, a Phi Delta Theta house party. it was overly crowded and I was not having fun. plus I was driving so I really hated it being that crowded.

so me, Caroline, and Lisa left that, and went to the Delta Upsilon house and that was fun, because it was a much bigger house and a lot less people =) and it was two blocks away from the dorms =) =)

so when Katie met up with us after her Raising Caine's fiasco, we walked back to the dorms and I just left my car at the frat house cuz I figured I could get it in the morning.

well Saturday morning was our OU Women's basketball white out, and I really wanted to go. So I was going to ride with my friend Clark [because it was snowing!] but I couldn't find my ID. so he took me to my car to see if it was there, but no ID =( so I didn't get to go to the game. I was very depressed.

so Katie took me to lunch, then we came back and napped =) ..then Caroline and Lisa came over, and we all went to Burger King and ate some more. then later that night, Katie had a sorority thingy, and Kyle asked us if we wanted to go with him and some guys on his floor to a Hornets basketball game. Since I'd never been to a pro ANYTHING before, it sounded like a good idea! =) so me, Caroline, and Lisa got in my car and took trip #2 to Bricktown to watch the Hornets. =) it was fun!

then me and Katie had a little fiasco in Wal-Mart, and we didn't speak the rest of the night, but it's ok now =) after Wal-Mart we went back to Kyle's room to watch Saw III and it is so freaking good. I love all 3 of them, but I think 2 is the best so far!

Sunday I was going to get up early and go to church, but I slept right through my alarm and didn't wake up until 10:30. I wasn't very happy about that, but I couldn't change it. So I did some homework and laundry.

and because I didn't have my ID, I only ate what I had in the room--beef jerky and the last of my cereal. so basically I starved myself on Sunday.

but on Monday, I got a temporary ID and ate in the cafeteria!! [[I finally ate!! yay!]] but not eating Sunday made me sick.

I talked to Bobby, and he did REALLY WELL at his pro-exposure camp thing this past weekend. I'm happy && excited for him, but I worry. we already don't talk much, and this is coming up fast. will we completely stop talking when he goes pro? I know I shouldn't worry, and that if we're supposed to keep in touch we will, but I can't help how I feel. it's unfair, he still has my <3>

but I read a quote online tonight that said "Love isn't supposed to be easy. if it were easy it wouldn't be called love." boy is that the truth for my situation. I need to go to bed.

p.s. a guy at the DU house found my ID, and I'll be getting my real ID back tomorrow!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


today was abnormally long, which probably started because I didn't get up at 7 like I have been. For some reason last night I just could not get to sleep, and I definitely felt it today. I got up about 45 minutes before class started, so that was where I went wrong from the get-go.

I didn't feel so great, so after Choctaw class, I came back and took a nap, then the roomie woke me up so we could go to Zoology together. I actually learned something very intriguing in Zoo today, I never realized that the reason why rice && beans get served together at Mexican restaurants is due to the fact that these two side dishes hold all 8 of the essential amino acids! So guess what I shall be eating more of?

basically all day I have been with Meridith, which is great because now we are getting along a lot better than what we were right before Christmas break. I would probably go home with her this weekend if I hadn't already made plans.

speaking of plans, Lauren is wanting me to go to a hooka bar with her. I'm not quite sure about this. from what I've been told it's pretty much harmless, but still, it is tobacco. it doesn't have tar or nicotene in it..I don't know, I'd like to try cuz you only live once, but stuff like that worries me (as most people should know).....either way, I probably WON'T be going..who knows?

I'm so excited to be going to Paradigm tonight! I stopped going toward the end of last semester, and I don't really know why. But I saw Hailee yesterday in the Union and told her I should be there.

well I just got back from a work out with Mere && Tony, so I shall be getting in the shower and getting ready for Paradigm! ta-ta

ONE MORE THING: I was watching some of season 2 of GREY'S ANATOMY last night with Caroline, Lisa, && Katie, and a quote really stood out to me. Now if y'all are avant Grey's watchers, maybe you can correct the exact wording of it, but it is where Christina is talking to George shortly after the Meredith-George fiasco, and she says something along the lines of:

"...stop expecting crap && demand something more."
there's a reason this stood out to me...yep.
Paradigm was absolutely amazing tonight. I'm so glad I went. It was nice to be surrounded by fellow believers, a feeling I had almost forgotten..

no hooka!! the girls I was supposed to go with changed the day to tomorrow night, and I already have plans tomorrow night.

I'm REALLY looking forward to the women's game this Saturday! It's going to be soooo much fun!

you know, I thought I'd be ok..but I caved tonight. I really miss him. =( but that new boy is super cute too! =) too bad I can't talk to him without lookin' at my feet.. :-S

well that is certainly enough for today. I'm exhausted, good night!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trying out a new blog =)

ok, so I'm new to this whole thing, but I love to blog and found my old blog site boring and no one reading it. =( so I felt it was time to move on [Thank you Mel for showing me to the light!!]

anyways, so not many people know, but now that I am at college, I am having issues with a past boyfriend. I really really still care about him a lot, but sometimes his actions show me he doesn't feel the same for me. So instead of constantly causing myself heartache over and over again, I decided to slowly, but surely, make my way out of the relationship. If it's meant to be [which at this point I still hope it is] it will find its way again someday.

my strategy?? when he calls, only answer about every 3rd call. This has worked so far! [mind you, he's only called once] but I am very proud of it because I wanted to call him back immediately but let a good friend talk me out of it =)

not that I don't love the guy, but I feel that at this point I deserve something better in my life than what he is giving me. After all, I just started my new life last August!!

And quite frankly, my life is amazing.

So I'm walking straight into new dating..any takers?? lol just kidding. I already have someone in mind =)