Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Meeting the Family (inadvertently)

My Story, Part 3

I apologize for the long time delay in continuing my story. I started to tell it in the hopes that it would cleanse my system and complete the healing process. I then got a little busy with life, and then I had a theoretical kick in the butt from a friend. That kick in the tail was the final push to cleanse my system, and now I'm ready to tell it objectively and completely.

So Dillon and I met at the end of July, went on our first date on August 1. We had been dating for a couple of weeks, and had made plans to hang out one Thursday night. I being the airhead that I am, forgot that I had told my cousins I would come to their high school softball game in Sperry that night. So I told Dillon, thinking he would want to reschedule our plans. Nope, said he would tag along too.

So here we were, about 2.5 weeks into dating, and he is coming to my hometown with me to watch family members play softball.

We arrived at their game and ended up sitting in the pressbox with my aunt and uncle since they were keeping score. Then my other aunt, mom, and grandma all came to the game. So he met my ENTIRE family before we had even been together a month.

A couple weeks later, I went to an extended family member's wedding. EVERYONE asked where he was and why I didn't bring him with me. Still at the time, I had no intentions of anything serious with him. Plus I had sent in the RSVP way before I had met him.

I met his sister first. He and I both had a random week day off, and I went to his house to visit. She was there between classes, and we spent a little time chatting with her. I then met his mom. I can't remember why or where we went, but it was not too long after I met his sister.

Then I met his whole/extended family at the beginning of November. His grandparents were wonderful.

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