Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sleepy-ness should be a good excuse to stay in bed.

for some strange reason, it seems the more days that go by, the more tired I get. I'm so exhausted right now that probably after I write, I will go to bed, even though I need to go downstairs and print off my English assignment..I'll just do it in the morning.

Choctaw is so freaking early! not really, but for some reason I didn't sleep well the last two nights. bleh it's pooey. after Choctaw I came back and took a nappy-poo =) before my Zoology class. sorry guys, didn't learn much new today. we're going over cells.

then after that, me, Meridith, and her boyfriend Tony went to the cafeteria and then to the Huff. we were there for TWO HOURS!! but that's ok, cuz we did like a full body workout today..which by the way, I will probably be super sore tomorrow. Then after the game, I did my English homework which is a one page rough draft of our argumentation paper.

ok, so my article is written by one of the students here, and he talks about how the Democratic party has the power to veto any new plan just because they are in majority in Congress. but he also thinks that they won't do it. I'm not sure what I think about that..I'm not sure they will either, just because they wouldn't want to cause any friction, but then again there are a few Demos who are so against the war right now that they just might surprise us. So anyways, I decided to do mine to where I agree with the writer, and let me tell ya, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

so after I got done with homework, I showered, and then went to Wal*Mart. my advice to everyone out there?? DO NOT SHOP AT WAL-MART WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY. now, I only spent $40, but still, I probably bought stuff I shouldn't have. lol. but that's ok. I have stuff to eat in the mornings now. ha ha!

and then I went to the men's basketball game. it was aight, we played boy scout troop #843. lol not really but they played Longwood and won by like 40. I don't care, I just saw my future husband =) he played good, I was rather proud...roflmao

now it's off to bed.........................................so tired.

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