Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trying out a new blog =)

ok, so I'm new to this whole thing, but I love to blog and found my old blog site boring and no one reading it. =( so I felt it was time to move on [Thank you Mel for showing me to the light!!]

anyways, so not many people know, but now that I am at college, I am having issues with a past boyfriend. I really really still care about him a lot, but sometimes his actions show me he doesn't feel the same for me. So instead of constantly causing myself heartache over and over again, I decided to slowly, but surely, make my way out of the relationship. If it's meant to be [which at this point I still hope it is] it will find its way again someday.

my strategy?? when he calls, only answer about every 3rd call. This has worked so far! [mind you, he's only called once] but I am very proud of it because I wanted to call him back immediately but let a good friend talk me out of it =)

not that I don't love the guy, but I feel that at this point I deserve something better in my life than what he is giving me. After all, I just started my new life last August!!

And quite frankly, my life is amazing.

So I'm walking straight into new dating..any takers?? lol just kidding. I already have someone in mind =)


  1. Hey Girl..Its really easy..I love it. I am on it all the time because this is the only thing we can get on at school because they blocked myspace and facebook. I hate it but this makes it better =)

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  3. Oh thats clever..=) I didnt think of that..


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