Friday, March 2, 2007


I don't know what I want anymore.

I either want you to love me or let me go.

maybe if I pushed you away, did something to make you HATE me, it would be easier..

I just can't handle it after what happened last night.

Bobby got into a wreck. it was kinda bad. I just blew it off. then I got mad over some stupid childish things.

If I really love him, why on earth would I do that??

He doesn't need me, he deserves so much better than that.

but he doesn't even know I was mad.

I cried for hours after I realized how selfish I was being.

I truly do love him more than any other guy I've said "I love you" to.

so why am I holding him back??

I'm gonna go before the tears start coming again.


"you can be my SuPeRMaN, save me here I am..
There's nothing I won't do
to spend my life with you,
I promise...."
loooove this song (Promise by Ciara)

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