Sunday, March 4, 2007

oh the things I will do to not do homework.

So it's time for paper #3 in my comp class. it's kinda a hard paper too, we have to define celebrity and based on that definition must indicate whether a list of people that she gave us is a celebrity or not. first rough draft is due tomorrow, and we have to have 3 pages for it. I'm on page 2.

it's kinda hard to do, because I think there are so many different ways to define celebrity. and just because a person is famous, does that mean that he or she is a celebrity? I don't think so, take Osama bin Laden for example. he's famous, right?? Everyone in America knows what his face looks like. but is he a celebrity?? the answer is absolutely not.

so you see my dilemma??? oh well...hey I just got more ideas from writing just a little bit about the paper. woo hoo!!

I'm a little bit better than what I was on Thursday, hope y'all can forgive the little depressed post I had last time. I just felt HORRIBLE about some things. but I still don't know what I want anymore

so I went and watched WE ARE MARSHALL with a friend, Daniel on Friday. definitely not something you want to go watch the first time you hang out with someone, I about started crying and I wasn't too happy about that! and then after the movie I went and hung out with one of my guy friends at his was a great weekend!

well I guess I'll try to get back to being productive...

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  1. Wordless Wednesday is just posting pictures..(as you can And Fridays Feast is like a little quiz thing, and I get it from my moms site because she knows where to get it. They are really fun to do and you meet alot of people doing it too.


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