Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Thursday, which usually means Thursday 13

I'm not doing a Thursday 13 today just because it has been a while.

I just finished reading up on my little's travels in China. It made me miss her and wish I was joining her in her travels. One day she and I will travel the world together and I won't be sad :)

So I was supposed to work allllll week with one of my coworkers, but mother nature has decided she doesn't like us this week. I was looking forward to working everyday and making that paper since my brothers are at church camp this week. blehh. Hopefully today will be better though :)

I am taking Physics 2 at TCC. it sucks. seriously. It's kinda hard, especially because I had a completely different Physics 1 teacher who didn't get us anywhere near the chapters we started out on in the book. *sigh* hopefully I can pull off a B.

The weekend of June 25, I am going to Tahlequah with my brother, his girlfriend, and hopefully my friend Caroline for a float trip. I'm very verry excited abou this because it will be the only vacation I get this summer because of class.

Well, that's all that's going on in my life for now, I'll definitely try to give updates on my life more often :) :)

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