Saturday, July 10, 2010

That REALLY just happened...

SO. I was on facebook last night. A guy that I used to have THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON way back when we were in middle school facebook chatted me. He was from the next town over, and started going to my church. We went to church camp together one summer, and carelessly flirted all week with each other, but nothing came of it. So we chatted for a little bit about life in general, and college and whatnot, and then he said "we only live about 8 miles away from each other, we should hang out sometime." At this point, I just thought he meant as a friend, just because it had been so long since we had even talked and we were decent friends before he stopped coming to my church. So I was like yeah we can, but he's going back to school on 7/20, and I'm going back 7/30. so I told him it had to be sometime soon.

Ok, when it comes to hanging out with people, I usually hate making a decision as to what we're doing, unless I know for sure of something going on. Well he kept beating around the bush about what he wanted to do, so finally I was like, we're either going to have to decide where and when soon or exchange numbers and figure it out later. so we did.

and we texted for like, 10 minutes, discovered that we both used to have a crush on each other back in the day, and then he asked me to meet up with him that night (aka Thurs July 8, roughly 11:00 p.m.). I reluctantly agreed. We met up and talked for about an hour and a half, kinda catching up, but trying not to put out too much info so that we could do it again.

He kissed me. and I liked it. and he respected me when I kinda felt pressured for more but I told him I didn't want to.
and he's pretty friggin cute still :)

we had made plans last night to see each other again tonight, but I ended up having to cover my brother's shift--he had to be at a rehearsal dinner tonight for our friend of the family's wedding tomorrow. so that was a bummer, but maybe we'll see each other again soon!

I don't ever quite understand why things happen the way they do, but all the crazy things that happen usually add some fun and interesting chapters to life.

Live the moment.

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