Thursday, July 15, 2010

boys are stupid. they should have rocks thrown at them.

So scratch that last post. boys play games that are retarded. this is solidifying my decision even more that I should stay single my entire life and just have fun on my own :) stupid immature boys that play games, I'm over this.

sooooooo. I have two weeks until I'm back in Norman. I'm pretty excited. not kidding.

Katy comes back on the 24th of July. I'm verrrrry excited because I miss her lots. but I will have to share her, because unlike me, she still has friends from high school.

which reminds me, I'm house sitting this weekend, by myself. so if you have nothing to do, come hang out with me at my aunt's...even though I don't know who all reads this.

but I will have a fun weekend by myself. I'm sure I can find some trouble to get into :)))

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