Tuesday, October 4, 2011

8 days with EYB *BONUS*

That's right party people, today concludes my eight days with my beloved Eli Young Band. I will be at their concert TONIGHT!! So today, I'm giving you a bonus song! We'll call it two-for-Tuesday with Eli Young Band :)

Day #8: Song 1 Jet Black and Jealous

This song is the title song for their third album, Jet Black and Jealous. (Album #1 was self titled, Eli Young Band, and album #2 is titled Level.) Most of my favorite songs come off of Jet Black and Jealous. I particularly love this song because to me, the beat and rhythm is just as catchy as the lyrics.

"Well you never were one for resting easy, were you?
I just hope that road would one day watch you walk right back to me
'Til then I'll be
Jet black and jealous

And I dare not let 'em know that now you're gone
I'll still be a fool for the way we used to be

Tell me how was I to know
Tell me how can I let go
If you get out there and find that it's not what you thought it'd be
Come back to me
Jet black and jealous"

Song 2 Skeletons

This is another one of their newest songs, off the Crazy Girl - EP album.
What I love about this song is that it's about heartache and heart break, but the lyrics confess that it's all his fault, that he knows it, and he's willing to face it. Everyone's theme song? I think so. If you're willing to admit you've made mistakes, that is.

"Now I question every road I've taken
And I regret every heart I've forsaken
Here's my confession

The mistakes I've made
Are coming back to haunt me
Like a ghost from a grave
Always there to taunt me
You say it's okay
You say you still want me
But you don't know where I've been
I'm no stranger to my sins
I've got skeletons"

Most likely, I will be at work anxiously awaiting the end of the day to go see Eli Young Band. I hope that I have introduced you to some songs that you enjoy as much as I do. And these posts are by no means my top favorite 8 songs they sing. They aren't in any particular order. I really don't necessarily like one song more than another by them, just because each of them have different meanings to me. I seriously haven't heard one song from EYB that I didn't like.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Look at you throwing a bonus in there! ;) I'm so happy for you to be able to go and see them tonight!

  2. have a great time at the show tonight! i'm SURE you will. i'm also sure you've made a few fans of EYB over the past 8 days! great band!


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