Saturday, October 1, 2011

8 days with EYB

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Back to Eli Young Band:

Day #5: Small Town Kid

This song is also very dear to my heart. Not only am I an Oklahoma Girl, but I am also a small town kid. I was raised in a very small town just north of Tulsa called Sperry. That's okay, people from Tulsa have never heard of it either.

The lyrics describe lots of people from my town, and the guitar tabs in this one are amazing. Go ahead, take a listen. You'll learn to love it too, whether you're a small town kid or not. :)

"These city folks
they look at me
in my shirt and jeans and make think
I don't fit in here

Well the things they say
they might be right, they might be so
but one thing I know:
I can't change who I am

'Cause I'm a small town kid driven by rock music
and some honky-tonk in the mix
I like whiskey and coke, a double to the top
Shot of Cuervo now and then
I'll never ask for a lot
I'll never need much
Just a good-lookin' lady who can drive my truck
I'm not afraid to admit
I'm that small town kid"

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  1. I just want to say, I'm convinced there isn't a bad song by EYB!


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