Tuesday, March 6, 2012

randomness of epic proportions

Last night, I went to bed at 9:30. I had my alarm set for 5, giving me 30 minutes of snooze time before I HAD to get up and shower. I don't even remember my alarm going off, and I woke up at 6:22. SIX TWENTY-TWO PEOPLE!! I immediately went into panic mode. Usually when I wake up this late, I still hop in the shower and just deal with being late. I didn't even chance it this morning. I just washed my face, took what my Mimi calls a whore's bath, and then quickly braided my hair back into this sloppy bun thing that I do when I'm bored with my hair. I was still a couple minutes late, but seriously only two instead of my usual 5-7 on mornings like this.

However, that nine hours of sleep was fantastic, and I actually feel almost 100%. Which was needed because I seriously slept and drank fluids ALL WEEKEND LONG.

Speaking of hair (two paragraphs ago), I'm attempting to grow mine back out. I miss it. but I'm super impatient. Anyone else ever chopped off their hair and grow it back out? How did you handle it?

And a post isn't completely random until I pull a couple things out of left field:
-The time has come to give up on Mr. Attractive. Still nothing from him. Like I said, a little impatient. And trust me, I asked for his number from coworker.

-my high school basketball boys are playing in the state playoffs this weekend. First time EVER.

-I've completed three books this year so far. Have you checked out my reading list? It was something new I added to my blog this past weekend while I was bored. and you can totally tell. I couldn't remember the color code for the yellow, so I guessed.

-speaking of, I'm bored with my layout. Anyone out there want to help me out in switching it up? I have a strict budget so I'd be limited on pricing.

Was that enough randomness for you? Hopefully a real post will soon commence. I have some book reviews for you guys!

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