Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sometimes, I really have to remind myself that I DO love Oklahoma...

If you're new around here (which most of you aren't), you should know that I am an Oklahoman, born and raised. I have lived in various parts of this state my entire 24 and 1/4 years of existence. I seriously love this state to the moon and back. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to live other places, and traveling is definitely in my future, but I can't neglect the states where my roots run so deep.

Fall is the best time in Oklahoma (meaning late October/early November), because the air is cool and crisp to where you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and bring a jacket with you for when you go home after dark. The colors are beautiful. You see them all. It ranges from green to orange to yellow to red, and every shade of those colors in between. During a typical year, we get to experience, truly experience all four seasons.

This year is an exception to a typical year. After last year's freaky blizzard in February, we're actually experiencing the mildest winter I can remember. We even got up to the 80s on Thursday (first day of March!?). Normally, March is a beautifully rainy month. I'm really hoping that we do get some thunderstorms because I. LOVE. THE. RAIN. and Lord knows our state needs the rain in the worst way possible. We had a drought last summer as our state got sucked into this heat vacuum where we saw three digit temps for record days in a row.

I tell you about the weather and the colors for a purpose. Because we have had a mild winter, we haven't had a freeze this season. The trees and flowers are already starting to bloom, and I'm sure if I had gotten to spend Thursday in a park like I wanted to, I would have gotten a million mosquito bites. I did sit out in my car and read my book with the window open, and my chest got a little sunburned. (SUNBURNED! IN OKLAHOMA! IN FEBRUARY!) Since the flowers and trees are trying to bloom, it's causing everyone's allergies to go crazy. I don't usually have allergy problems, but I figure it's because of the mild winter that mine are going haywire.

I've been knocked out all week. My head is full and clogged, I can't really blow my nose but then it randomly drips like a faucet. I haven't had a fever, my chest hurts from the congestion, and my throat is sore from all the drainage. I know this is way too much information, but just deal with it.

I've been lurking in all your sites, reading them but not commenting. But honestly, I'm just taking this weekend to nurse myself back to health, sleep, take meds, and drink plenty of fluids.

I can't wait to see what weekend adventures await you all :)


  1. oh! Feel better gurlie!!
    words of wisdom:
    * When your nose is to stuffy to blow, but still drips its actually just swollen passages. get something for nasal congestion
    * When you do take that spring trip to the park, remember: mosquitoes are attracted to blue more than any color! :)

  2. mosquitoes can see color??? if they are really attracted to blue, that makes a lot of sense because that's the main color that i wear

  3. Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I do enjoy the first bit of spring too!! I'm sorry to hear that you are sick - we were both sick a couple weeks ago. We survived thanks to DayQuil, and Muscinex, as well as, Delsym. The Alka-Seltzer (sp?) Cold and Flu helped the hubby too! :) Might give those a try!

  4. It sounds like you are writing about Missouri- makes sense since we are so close in proximity:-) I have really appreciated that the weather has been so mild this winter- this AZ girl does not know how to handle cold! Hope you feel better!

  5. It seems like the weather has been whacky all around the country this year. I live in Northern California and we've been having a pretty mild winter as well!

    Hardly any rain and it's basically spring around here. I'm not complaining though! I'm definitely a summer love person! :) Still it would have been nice to visit the snow for a day or weekend this winter.


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