Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hello my dear readers (if I have any left!)

I do apologize for being so non-existent for almost a year now. I am always constantly thinking "I should update my blog, but then I think about it a little more and I'm not quite sure where to start. So then I don't update. AND, I hate doing posts like "In this month, these are the cool things I did." I've done far too many of those to even begin to count. So here are the main points I think you should know so that I can hopefully be a little more consistent from here on out:
  • I'm still living in Oklahoma, just now in the Tulsa area.
  • I, my belongings, my family, and my family's homes and belongings were not affected by the recent tornadoes.
  • I started a new job in the health field back in April!!!! (This is a big thing for me, as I got my degree from the University of Oklahoma in Health and Exercise Sciences. Plus I hated my job at the bank.)
  • Dillon and I are 10 months strong!
  • I went on a wonderful but short vacation to Cancun last week.
  • I am reading a lot. And spending a lot of my money at Better World Books.
So there is the fastest update for you guys. Now for a little more information:
Beginning about October 2012, I began looking for a new job. I had come to the realization that the banking industry, while it is a great industry and growing industry, is not the industry I was meant to be in. So I filled out application after application doing all kinds of things. I even got a few interviews here and there, and even at other smaller banks. All of these interviews didn't really lead to anything, and it was SO FRUSTRATING. I was not happy by any means, and it began to take a toll on my personal life. I would come home crying from work almost every day. I would argue over and over with my boyfriend for no reason. I would shut myself off from everyone because I didn't want to be "helped," I just wanted a new job.

Then an opportunity came about with some networking that I had done in college. The process of starting this new job began in March (that's 5 months of job hunting for those of you keeping score). I came in for an interview with my contact, was told by the HR department that I was under-qualified, then got referred back to the position I had been originally referred to over the holiday break. I was technically still waiting for a phone call from that supervisor for that position. I waited for a couple weeks for this phone call, as I had done over the holidays. Then at the beginning of April, I received a phone call from my contact in the company asking if I was still interested in the positions I was "under-qualified" for. You bet your sweet booty I was!! I immediately scheduled an interview and then got hired in a few days' time for the position I am in now. I put in my notice at the bank, which wasn't a full 2 weeks (making me ineligible to ever work there again), and started on my job on April 22.

I work for a local health insurance company in the HMO department. I answer phones ALLLLLLLLLL DAAAYYYYYYYY LONG, and I love my job more than you could ever imagine. I am 1000% happier here than I was at the bank.
And the cool thing about me updating you on my job? Today was my first day out of training. Today I did (almost) everything on my own, and it was pretty darn neat. I  love having my own desk, my own cubicle, and being able to walk to work! (I live about 3 blocks from the office.)

I hope this was enough of a post to keep you guys coming back. I'm going to try to be better now that I have come to terms with the fact that I won't be able to catch you up on everything that has happened in almost 8 months.

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