Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

It's really not that hard to jump back on this bandwagon. I quite missed it.

In (the last book post I did), I mentioned that I would like to start doing book posts quarterly. That means you guys get to look forward to a book post coming up at the end of the month! I'm very excited about this one, because I have a sweet deal to tell you guys about! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Along with loving my full time job, I am able to return to my part-time job that I have had since the summer of 2007. I began working at a local baseball field here in Tulsa, where I alternate between keeping score/announcing baseball games and working in the concession stand. When I worked at the bank, it was in practical for me to keep returning to the fields because our workday ended at 7 p.m. Then I worked most weekends, even Sundays until January. I think I worked 3 days total out there during the 2012 season. With this new job, I do get off at 5 p.m. every day (which is AWESOME to have a set schedule), and I don't have to work weekends. HOLLA!!

I've already put in time at the concession stand, and now I get to work the score box two nights a week. The score box is a lot of fun to me because I actually have fun saying "Smith gets an RBI double to left center, bringing Johnson to the plate with 1 out." I know, I'm weird. Plus, you just can't beat watching baseball in person.
So even though I work OVER 40 hours a week, I'm doing things I enjoy doing. And that's not real work at all!

And just a random thought I had for you all (because that's how I am, you should know this by now!):
After a fairly cool April, May, and first week of June, it's flippin' hot in Oklahoma already. Any carymba! Walking to work will probably make me sweat, and it's just 3 blocks! Don't be jellyyyyyyy!

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