Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Oh wow. Over a month and not a peep from my corner of the world. So sorry folks.

I can say that I successfully completed my 4th of July 5k in roughly 45 minutes. We walked it due to my friend's back injury. It was just as fun as jogging it.

THEN, I had a good friend invite me to a challenge group for fitness, with the main goal to be accountability and encouragement. So I have been so busy in a kind of routine of work, workout, shower, eat, then I've been picking up hours to drive for Lyft. (If your city has it, seriously use it! It's pretty cool!)

I've also been spending my weekends just living life. I've gone on a couple float trips, shopped for storage sheds, and had one lazy weekend. So I've pushed my blog to the back burner AGAIN.

So this is just a "hey I'm still here and life is busy" kind of post.

Highlights: 2 float trips. Moving in the first couple weeks of September. I will be back in my mom's house for the time being to try to save a little money and purchase a new car. new car New Car NEW CARRRRR! is my mantra these days. I began driving for Lyft to try to earn some extra money here and there to go to this new car. Because I enjoyed my fitness challenge group SO MUCH, I also did this crazy thing and became a Team Beachbody coach. Have you heard of those crazy fitness programs called Insanity and P90X? Yeah it's that same company. I mostly became a coach to get a small discount on some of the products, but let me tell you. A couple weeks in and I want to help just ONE person realize their fitness goals. I know how great my program and supplementation has made me feel, and I want to help others feel differences too!

If you want more information on my beachbody endeavors, my coach site is:

Now that you know the highlights, here's to hoping that I can get back in the groove of things on here.

Good night all!

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  1. Gurl, life is priority #1! you know how many times I've pushed the blog to the back of the line.. lol But in the end it's always there for you to come back to when things calm down! We have Lyft here too, but I'm not much for public transportation of any kind, so it hasn't been something I've even looked into, but I have heard alot about it from friends :) Congrats on all the fitness stuff babes! Doin good! Let me know how that beachbody thing goes, maybe I'll hit you up when I'm ready :)


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