Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Days of Photos

I seem to do a lot better about reading and commenting on YOUR posts when I have some kind of challenge to do here on mine...I think it's because I know what I will be posting here on mine, and it's kind of thoughtless for me. It allows for me to spend more time at each of your places. This was kind of a last minute thing for me to take on, and I decided why not start today? So I will be participating in the 30 day photo challenge. I originally wanted to participate in the 30 days of lists that I missed out on in March, but I didn't get my things together in time. whomp whomp. SO, the way this will work is that I will be participating in this challenge, but will NOT be posting a part of the challenge on Tuesdays, unless I have no one to feature.

Day 01: A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

  1. I measure just above 5 feet, 10 inches; standing up straight was ingrained into my brain at such a young age that it hurts to slouch at all. I stand up so straight that I tell people I am 5'11" and no one doubts it.
  2. The color of my eyes has gotten lighter over time.
  3. Craig Ferguson is my favorite late night talk show host.
  4. I love criminal investigative TV shows: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds, NCIS, C.S.I., and C.S.I.: New York are some of my favorite TV shows EVER.
  5. I like to keep everything organized, except for in my room. My room is almost always messy.
  6. I'm super nerdy, depending on the subject.
  7. I'm so nerdy about Harry Potter that I know there are 44 days before the last HP movie comes out (and you better believe I will either be seeing the midnight premiere or be seeing it on opening day, depending on if I have a big girl job or not).
  8. My favorite color is purple, but I never bought purple clothes until my senior year in high school.
  9. I don't like every color of purple. I HATE lilac.
  10. My two favorite flowers are purple tulips and orange gerber daisies.
  11. I recently started collecting shot glasses, and a lot of my friends brought me back shot glasses from the various places they studied abroad. :)
  12. I love wearing the color black. I love black shoes the most because I feel like they can go with anything.
  13. I have an unhealthy fear of snakes. It's hard for me to even see pictures of them.
  14. I graduated from college on May 13.
  15. I'm 23, a college graduate, and I HATE being asked "Now that you're done with college, what are you going to do with your life?" I don't know why or how I should know what I want to do FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE at the age of 23.
Happy Humpday!


  1. ooooooh - i'm excited for this!

  2. YAY- I am so happy you are doing this, so fun!

    I love that you like tulips- those are my favorites and Criminal Minds is definitely the best show created!

  3. i think we are kinda, sorta twins.
    same height, share a love for criminal minds, harry potter, favorite flowers (tulips), black clothing.


    love the post

  4. I <3 CraigyFerg! And, of course, NCIS & HP. My Mom bought me a robe when we were at the HP park... so now, I can be a SUPER geek, and dress up!

  5. Sounds like fun!

    BTW I think it is good that at 23 you don't know what you are going to do with the rest of your life--many people don't know what they want to do at 40 :)

  6. Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, and NCIS are definitely my favorites! I may have to do thins challenge, I've seen it everywhere: Here, facebook, twitter... It's ridiculous! Lol

  7. What a great challenge! Where in the world do you come up with these awesome things? I'm getting ready to move and one of these might be handy. Preschedule and go! :)

    We collect Shot Glasses and love Law & Order: Special Victims Unit too!

  8. Lauren: I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR HP ROBE!! I want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter SOOOOOO BAD!

    @everyone else, you should have gotten an e-mail back in your response to your comments...I'm trying something new with comments, just so you know that I do read them and want to respond!


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