Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A post way overdue

I apologize for my lack of posting in the past three weeks. Yes I know it's been three weeks since my last post, but a lot went down and I didn't want to write about it just yet.

Shawna and I's relationship has continued to grow, and she has helped me realize some things in my life that could have been better. Unfortunately, this means that boything and I are no longer together. It wasn't ugly, it wasn't good, I just realized that he just wasn't the one for me, and sometimes it's better just to let things go rather than attempt to stay together and be miserable. As civil as I have tried being when it concerns him, he's just about driven me crazy.

My move-in date at my apartment complex has been pushed back another month. In the meantime, I decide to move back in with my mom and grandma in my brothers' room until I can move in. It shaves off about 10 minutes of driving time to and from work (and I'm still in the same town).

My youngest brother finished up his second day of classes at college today. We got him all moved in last Monday, and I drove to his university after work and took him and his friend to dinner. I still can't get over how fast time flies and how old knowing my baby brother is in college makes me feel.

My oldest brother has graduated from Boot Camp and is now at AIT training in South Carolina. I got to talk to him on Saturday evening. I miss him a lot

I actually got to hang out with my roommate from last year this past week while she was in town before school started. We went out to dinner twice and I took her to a club on one of the nights. Unfortunately the club was lame. It made me sad.

I can't remember the last time I talked to my big, and this makes me super sad.

I feel like a lot more has gone on, but maybe it hasn't. I took a weekend off to recuperate and it was much needed relaxation.

Oh, and just to brag on myself just a little bit, I've been kicking ass at work.
That is all. :)

p.s. I'm not even going to pretend like I read all 700+ new posts waiting for me in my reader. For this my friends, I am terribly sorry. I will be a better blogging friend.


  1. Hiiii! Well we have missed you! I am glad that things are going great at work and you are really liking it all. I am looking forward to even more updates of your life!

  2. HELLOOOO!!!!!!! I'm so glad to see you back on here! I haven't been posting much either lately, so I won't hold it against you! I'm so glad to hear things are good for you!! I look forward to reading more as you drop by your blog and update us!!


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