Thursday, November 10, 2011

3 day weekend ahead!

If you've anxiously been waiting for an update on the wonderful weekend I spent with my brother, you're going to have to wait until next week.

We picked him up at the airport last Thursday, and I really think he's glad to be home. I know we're glad to have him home. He was tired (from being up at 4:30 a.m. every morning since June 7), so we let him go home while we all went to our various homes.

The plan on Friday was to be something like this:
  1. I was to drive from my place in Broken Arrow to mom's in Sperry to pick him up.
  2. We were to go borrow the truck from my cousins/aunt & uncle and load a dresser in the back.
  3. We were to go to his reporting station to turn in his debriefing papers.
  4. We were to go to a BBQ place near my work and get some DELICIOUS BBQ to go.
  5. We were to unload the dresser and eat our food.
  6. We were to talk about life and stuff since he left.
  7. He was to take the truck back to Sperry while Mom arrived at my place to help me cook/grocery shop for the Scentsy party I was hosting.

The plan got stopped short at #3. When we went to his drill station, they told him he was supposed to have reported to drill that morning....we later found out this could have been avoided if he had just gone to turn in his papers on Monday.

He was supposed to go to the OU/Texas A&M game with my aunt, uncle, and cousin on Saturday. The family was supposed to have a welcome home dinner/barbecue for him on Sunday (we Oklahomans love our barbecue). None of that happened.

Fortunately for me, I got to use his football ticket, so I went to my first home game of the season last Saturday. I miss the game day atmosphere. I didn't get to see as many friends as I would have liked, but I did get the chance to catch up with some of my amazing APO brothers. It was so good to see them!

The Scentsy party I hosted was a huge success! I ended up getting $90 worth of free stuff and three half-priced items...guys, I seriously bought almost 30 items from Scentsy and only spent $42! The good thing is that a lot of the women I work with bought stuff as Christmas presents, so it helped me out a lot.

Work this week has been crazy. Not overly crazy busy, but transactions have been crazy and people have been crazy. Like, I have wanted to ask people if they really are that bitchy in person or if they're only saving it for me since I'm handling their money?

We do have tomorrow off for Veteran's Day. I'm going to spend the entire day with my coworker Michelle, and we're going to watch Star Wars Episodes IV-VI on Blu-Ray :)

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  1. I just hopped over and entered your giveaway! :) I can't believe I didn't see that post when you posted it. Sorry your weekend didn't go the way you planned for it to with your brother!

  2. K you are adorable, I found your blog through Ashley's. I think you'll be another one that I blog stalk :). Totally entering the giveaway too! (incase you want to know!)

  3. Uh, I was just going to let someone else win haha I didn't feel like it was fair if I entered?


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