Sunday, November 27, 2011


I don't even know where to begin with filling you in on what's been going on the last two weeks.
I was one of those crazies that went to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn part 1. AND. I. LOVED. IT. The special effects team did SUCH an amazing job on Kristen Stewart when she was preggers. She looked like death.

Thanksgiving was amazing as always with good food. I just sadly didn't get to spend time with my mom because she had to work :(

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I don't believe in celebrating my birthday in one day. When I was in college, I would start celebrating the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week and celebrate all weekend long. Today is my actual birthday, so sometimes Thanksgiving will fall on my birthday. It has its pros and cons, like getting to celebrate for 5 days growing up, but never having too many friends to celebrate with because of the holiday.

Back in the beginning of November, a fellow blogger friend of mine, Kristina of A Perfect Dose of Life and I had this conversation via twitter:

@mbattiestMallori Battiest
@kmstreeter12509 I'm partial to Thanksgiving! I feel this pain every year! My birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving and gets forgotten!

@kmstreeter12509Kristina Streeter
@mbattiest oh that is terrible!! :( Tell me your birthday and I won't forget! :0)

So I told her my birthday. And I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to THIS POST on  her blog in my reader feed this morning!
Kristina, you're amazing!

So what did I do to celelbrate my birthday weekend this year?
  • Friday we had ice cream pie from Braum's at work. Then Friday night I enjoyed a relaxing night in, watching one of my favorite movies (Easy A) with my bff Shawna, eating pizza and drinking cosmos. Delicious.
  • Yesterday, I dyed my hair (it's slightly red), went with my brother and two of my cousins to the Christmas train in Dry Gulch, and then went to my favorite dancing club downtown. Unfortunately, last night didn't quite go as planned, but I refused to let it get me down because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! WEEKEND!
  • Today, I am going to eat at a local Mexican restaurant with some of my coworkers for lunch in a couple hours.
Even though this weekend didn't go exactly as planned, it's still been a pretty amazing birthday weekend. I've gotten to spend time with people I love all weekend, and there's no better present than that!


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a lot of fun! Hugs xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to you!
    Squashed tomatoes and stew,
    Bread and butter in the gutter,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    British version. Isn't it great? Happy birthday, kid.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Follow @itsDiDi on twitter and let me know when you do.. :)

  4. Happy (late) birthday, lady! I'd say a Braum's ice cream cake would make anyone's day special!


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