Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Mr. Attractive

So here's the sitch on soon-to-be banker Mr. Attractive.

I met him for the first time on Valentine's Day (yes I know, cliche. It's okay.). I currently work as a teller for a local bank, and as a teller we have a path of certifications to follow. Well once I hit Teller II, I have the option of staying on as a teller and working toward Teller Supervisor or switching to become a banker. I decided to start on the path of a banker, and this caused forced enrollment in the "how to become a banker" class.

First day of class, I sat in the back row (like a bad student) between a guy who works at my branch and some other rando. Once the guy who works at my branch came in (being the last one in), our instructor started the icebreaker game. I quickly realized that I was the only girl in this class. whomp whomp. So we started the icebreaker, and the goal of it was to find something unique you had in common with each of the other peoplein the class. I went through a lot of the other people in the class, and then last, or second to last, I meet Mr. Attractive. I instantly was attracted. I don't really know why exactly, but I was kind of speechless.

Then after the icebreaker, the instructor switched it up. Mr. Attractive ended up being seated next to me. SCORE! I spent the next two days of training pining after him without really knowing why. Pretty much everyone in the class could tell too. Except for Mr. Attractive. That's how it always seems to go!

I tried to not think about it, and then finally last week I decided to text Mr. Attractive's coworker and ask what the deal was about him. Coworker's response? "I KNEW, I KNEEEEEEEEEEEWWW YOU WERE FLIRTING WITH HIM HARDCORE! I tried to tell him too." Our conversation continued on in a similar manner, until toward the end he said he would say something to him the next day at work if I wanted him to. I then asked if he should say something or if I should. His next response? "Well I already said something, and he seemed pretty excited, he's already talking about going on a double, so you can get all dolled up and I'll get a girl lined up and we'll plan it out." SUPER EXCITED.

Then I went out for Fat Tuesday and tried not to think about it. But it's all I could think about. Fast forward to Thursday, and Coworker informs me that he has given Mr. Attractive my number. Enter panic mode.

But now it's Tuesday, and I still haven't heard from him. It's starting to get a little discouraging, but I don't know what else I can do. Coworker claims Mr. Attractive is just shy, but seriously?! If we both know the other is interested, why is this so hard?

Why are guys so damn complicated?! My coworker said it best: "If we (men) were easy, you wouldn't want us.".....very true. I know this firsthand.

Any advice for me? Just wait it out?? HELP!


  1. Ugh. <- for me, sitting here trying to think of the most appropriate combination of words that are not only encouraging but upliftingly educational.

    The friend says "...he's already talking about going on a double..."

    But I really can't do this without being blunt.

    I think you're going to be friendzoned if you don't step in for yourself. Get the guy's number from Coworker. Call him first. Take the damn initiative. Invite him to the superbookstore for some caffeine.

    And guys really aren't complicated. They're really very simple creatures who don't know how to make a move because of the fear of rejection. If you ever do meet a guy who thinks or insists he's complicated, RUN.

    So, to let him know that you have no such issues, you call him first.

    Men and women love confidence and since most of us have herd-mentality, we like to be around that. We like humor and gravitate to those people also. Notice the ugly men with beautiful smart women? It ain't just for the sex you know.

    So, for summary: take the initiative, call him. Be confident that you are excellent company over a mochafrappechailatte concoction and that it'd be nice to talk to him without other mutually known people in the room.

    Good luck kiddo. I can't wait to hear more.

  2. EEEEE he better call you!!!!!!!!

  3. Mal, I agree with OKinUK. It's 2012 and there is NOTHING wrong with calling a guy and making the first move! It's always nice to be pursued, but I say call him or text him once to let him know you're interested, and then let him take it from there. I asked my husband out on our first date. You never know, he may be sitting around wishing you would call him!


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