Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 for 12 (supposed to be 6. boo.)

So I have no idea what I was doing the month of May. For some reason, I didn't go to a restaurant of the month. It might possibly be because things got crazy hectic around here when Katy graduated. All I ever wanted to do once she got to town was spend time with her, plus I spent quite a bit of money I didn't have to go watch her graduation and bring her pretty flowers. Because all I wanted at my graduation was pretty flowers.

SO, I skipped a month. BUT, it was in the 5th month and not the 3rd. And I plan on making up for it in July (hopefully). But for now, I give you June's new local restaurant of the month, Oklahoma Joe's BBQ. If you're from the Kansas City area, you know that this place opened there before it did here in Tulsa. Plus I believe there may be a restaurant in Stillwater as well, which technically makes this a chain and not a local restaurant. But for me, I consider it local because the owner of the restaurant started his business in Oklahoma and even graduated from Oklahoma State University. That makes it a local restaurant in my book.

Plus what better way to kick off the beginning of summer than with some delicious barbecue??

The menu was had some traditional plates, and not-so traditional plates. I decided to get "The Hog Heaven" sandwich because it had two of my favorite kind of barbecue meats, pulled pork and sausage links. Here's what it looks like:
Now, you can't see the sausage links very well, but if I had to guess it was a whole sausage link cut into four pieces and put on the bun, then they piled the sandwich high with the pulled pork.

What can I say about this sandwich? UM, IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS. I do love some good barbecue because my uncle kicks ass at firing up the grill and smoking some mean ribs or bologna, so any public barbecue place has some pretty big shoes to fill. Both the meats were perfectly tender and had just the right amount of smoky flavor without being too overwhelming or the meats being too dry.
The extra barbecue sauce you can add to any of your dishes is also his own recipe, and they were actually really good too. I tested out the hot barbecue sauce on its own before adding any to my sandwich (I've had a bad experience before). It actually was not too spicy, and the base for it was just sweet enough that it didn't set my mouth on fire. So I added a generous helping of both the hot and the sweet onto my sandwich and dug in.

Even though the meat was almost perfect, I doubt that I will go back to this place again. You see, for just the sandwich and a beverage, I paid a little over $9. I didn't even get a side! Granted, I was on VERY limited funds when I went, but still! The sandwich by itself was over $6 and the sides were $2.29 A PIECE. Great food, but not good enough for me to want to pay that price again. Especially when I have family members that cook meats better. Plus, if I'm going to spend $9 for barbecue, I'd much rather spend $9 on a Big Daddy's meat potato.

Who knows, I may change my mind about going back to the restaurant. It is about a mile and half from my house, I don't have a grill/smoker, my uncle who cooks BOMB barbecue is roughly 40 minutes away, and the Big Daddy's in Broken Arrow is no longer open for business. And Lord knows I love me some good barbecue food. But then again, there is also a Dickey's open now, and I can get a sandwich and 2 sides for $9. Plus a take home cup and I'm looking at $11 and some change. For more food.

OKAY ALL YOU TULSA AREA PEOPLE! HELP ME OUT! I need some ideas for where to go for my TWO places of the month for July. The only other thing I have right now is Back Alley Barbecue that recently opened in the Blue Dome District in downtown Tulsa. And trust me, I will definitely still be going there, but I can't go to two barbecue places in a row!! I would love some suggestions as to where I need to know, that little hole in the wall that everyone HAS to try...I'd even be willing to drive a little to get to the restaurant! Just PLEASE help me out!

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