Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Virtual Coffee

I don't normally do "coffee chat" posts, but I feel like I've neglected my blog for quite some time now. So we're going to treat this evening as if we were meeting up for coffee and I'm just gonna dump some life on you right now.

If we were actually meeting up for coffee, I'd probably have a glass of hot tea. Coffee isn't really my thing.
I would tell you that my mom and I finally made up, but neither of us apologized. And we probably won't because we're both stubborn.
I would tell you that my best friend graduated from college about 3 weeks ago, and I've seen her almost once a week since.
I would tell you that this past Monday, my best friend and I went to look at the apartments we want to move into later this year.
I would tell you that I'm probably going to die of a heart attack by the age of 35 because of how much the OKC Thunder playoff games have been stressing me out lately.
I would show you how bad I got burned on my back last Monday when I laid out by the pool on Memorial day, and then again this past Monday evening.
I would tell you that my vacation is getting REALLLLLLLLY close and I'm VERRRRRRYYYYYY excited!
I would tell you that I miss my other best friend Erika.
I would tell you that I've been spending more time alone than usual, but I'm not necessarily lonely; that I'm starting to enjoy my own company.
I would tell you that I want to start running again. Not because I necessarily am worried about any weight gain or my health, but because I miss the "me" time that comes along with running. Just me, the pavement, and some tracks.
I would tell you that I like my new position, and that it was a nice little surprise at the difference in my paycheck.
I would tell you that I'm still, TO THIS DAY, realizing who my true friends are. And that if a person doesn't want to spend time with me, I'm not going to beg them to. Or let it bother me.
I would tell you that Katy bought me a ticket to the Thunder exhibition game coming up in Tulsa in October, and that I think she's the best person ever for it.
I would tell you that an impromptu party broke out at my house on Monday night, and it was amazing.

I then would ask you to share some highlights of your life right now too. Please feel free to fill me in on your life more than I have filled you in on mine in comments below :)

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