Tuesday, September 18, 2012

last weekend...

I know. I know. I've neglected my blog. And my readers. I wish I had a real reason as to why I have not been writing. Honestly, I just feel like my life hasn't been interesting enough. And it probably has been semi-interesting enough to blog about, I just haven't done it.

Boyfriend and I had a great weekend this past weekend. We spend almost every weekend together, so this one was no different.

Thursday night while we were talking on the phone, we decided to have a night in on Friday and watch movies. It's been a while since we've gone on a real date, so we decided to go on a date on Saturday.

Friday night, he and I ordered some pizza, had a few beers, and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall (he had never seen it), and then chatted for a little bit before heading to bed. He then got up at the butt crack of dawn to head to work, and I headed to my mom's house so I could get some plastic bins to pack my stuff in. [Sidebar, I'm moving on Saturday. Away from Broken Arrow to Tulsa. With my best friend. Super excited!] I only meant to spend like an hour or two in Sperry, and I actually ended up staying there until almost 3. Then I got absolutely nothing packed all day Saturday.

Oh and then once I got home on Saturday, I fell asleep. Boyfriend called and woke me up after he got off work. I got up and quickly packed 2 bins and then started to get ready for our date that we had that night.

He and I decided to head to downtown Tulsa for the annual Rock 'n' Ribs festival, a festival that has quite a few barbecue competitors come to town and cook up food all day, then have a stage for some local rock 'n' roll bands. It was the first time I had gone to it, but boyfriend and I decided to go and check it out and hang out with my friend Emily and her fiance Casey. We all hung out while I ate, had a beer (or in D's case Jack and Coke) together and chitchatted the night away.

Boyfriend and I then headed out around 9 o'clock to go to the country music bar I go to with John to meet up with his friends J and his wife C. We had a good night dancing away. I got to teach boyfriend a line dance or two as well :)

Sunday was a WONDERFUL lazy day. I love lazy Sundays. They're actually some of my favorite days of the week, especially when boyfriend shares them with me. We did absolutely nothing all day, slept in way too late, watched football, and got $1 coneys at Coney I-Lander for dinner. Such a perfect Sunday.

How were your weekends?


  1. I had a great weekend! I went to Paris with a friend.

    nyah nyah nyah!

    1. Jealousssss. Hope you had a great time!,

    2. Jealousssss. Hope you had a great time!,


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