Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The weekend I fell in love with dueling pianos

A couple weeks after boyfriend and I went on our first date, I asked him if he wanted to meet my best friend. I also asked best friend if she wanted to meet boyfriend as well, and she was all about it.

She and I decided that we wanted to go to a restaurant on Cherry Street, as neither of us eat there too often. She and I were talking about all the different places to eat, and I asked her about The Full Moon Cafe. She had never eaten there before. Boyfriend had never eaten there either. I can't remember if Katy's boyfriend had eaten there or not, but she and I decided that it would be a fun place to go to.

We got there, and they were having a a disaster relief fundraiser for the Mannford wildfires. It was loud, and we couldn't hear very well, and the woman that was singing was singing TERRIBLY. I looked at Katy and told her that I was sorry, and that maybe we should have picked somewhere else. We didn't even get our food until like 8:15, so by the time we finished eating, the dueling piano show was starting in about 10 minutes. Katy and I decided that we wanted to buy a bucket of beers and stick around for the first couple of songs to kinda see how it was.

It actually ended up being A TON of fun. They did allow requests so all the favorite bar tunes were played. The four of us ended up buying another couple buckets and singing along almost all the way to the end of the show. We were singing along, very loudly, at the top of our lungs and enjoying each others' company.

There was also a couple of birthdays and a bachelorette party there that night. The most funny part of the night was when this drunken woman got up on the stage and started dancing around with one of the pianists. Se then grabbed some of the dollar bills in his tip jar and tried to put them in her bra, and the pianist was like, you don't jack with my money. It was HILARIOUS how he freaked out on her.

Boyfriend singing along off tune like the rest of us at the top of his lungs made it to where best friend liked him and thought he was great. I actually had a great time listening to the two pianos play back and forth. I had seen dueling piano bars other places like Dallas and OKC, but I had never gone. It was an awesome night with great company. I believe the four of us decided that it needed to be done again. Not all the time, but definitely needed to happen again. Lots and lots of fun.

What do you think about dueling pianos?


  1. Dueling pianos = hella hella good.

  2. LOVE Full Moon Cafe. A favorite place of mine when I lived in Tulsa!

  3. #1 way to get me to like you: sing at the top of your lungs off tune.

    This will definitely happen again! I might go to the one in OKC while I am here, if I do I will definitely let you know how it is. :)


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