Friday, August 24, 2012

New Year's Resolution fail (6 for 12, 2 months behind)

SO. Way back in this post, I wrote down that I wanted to go to 12 new local restaurants here in the Tulsa area. If you have been following along, you would know that I have gone to The Brook (January), Gaberino's Homestyle Italian Restaurant (February), Main Street Tavern (March), Caz's Chowhouse (April), and Oklahoma Joe's BBQ (June). So if you're reading that correctly, I missed May and July. I think I'll be okay if I get to 11 out of 12 since I did eat like a queen on my cruise in July, but that still puts me a month behind.

Last week, I attended a loan training class. Each day, we got just a little over an hour to go to lunch on or own. The first day, me, coworker A and guy friend John all went to Mazzio's to indulge ourselves in the buffet. I DEFINITELY over-ate. The second day, the three of us went to Goldie's (a hamburger joint) per my choice. The third day, John picked the place. Amy didn't want to go because originally we were going to go to a Philly steak sandwich joint, but halfway over there he asked if I had been to a restaurant called Mi Cocina. I know, I know. This technically isn't a "local" restaurant. BUT, it is the only location in the state of Oklahoma, so to me that made it justifiable to use it for my August restaurant.

First of all, AMAZE BALLS. For real. Everything they do, they want it to be fresh. They don't even have a soda fountain. If you want a pop, you get a can. It's unlimited "refills" too. For real. Anyways, pictures!

"Luann's" Dish

fresh salsa

"Luann's" dish

HOLY. WOW. First of all, the lemonade was good. Not necessarily my favorite, just because I like my lemonade a little more on the tart side, and not so sweet. But it was still a really good glass of lemonade. So good, I had like 4 glasses. Seriously.

Salsa - wonderful. I judge a Mexican restaurant on whether or not the salsa is good. Obviously. it's the first thing you taste at the restaurant. This salsa had a little bit of a kick to it. I love spicy foods though. And the salsa wasn't too overpowering with onion. Usually salsas are too tomato-y or too onion-y. This one was pretty well balanced.

Entree - Luann's the menu says "guacamole chalupa, beef taco, cheese enchilada, cheese taco, rice and beans." OBVIOUSLY, there was no cheese taco, but a beef enchilada. This beef taco also had some kind of house dressing on it, and it was SO GOOD. Guacamole was the perfect amount of creamy-ness, and again, not too much onion (can you tell I'm not too big of an onion fan?). The enchiladas were well cooked. The cheese one was pretty good, just a lot of chunks of onion in it and in the cheese sauce covering it. The beef enchilada was stuffed with seasoned ground beef, and was way too good. I could tolerate the onion-y cheese enchilada if I cut a piece of it to stack on top of a piece of the beef one. Rice and beans were rice and beans.

Downside: The chips didn't stay warm for very long, the waitress we had was AWFUL, and I definitely ate way too much food.

Overall though, I would say it was probably a 4 out of 5. I loved EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I ate, but it is definitely a little too expensive for my taste. I have heard that their margaritas are amazing as well, but we were on lunch and there is a very strict no-drinking-and-returning-to-work policy. I don't think that I will be going back to try the margaritas. If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm kind of a cheapskate, and I have a small budget. So now matter how amazing this food was, I really don't think I'll be going back. But definitely try it out once if you get a chance!
-Actually if you were in Tulsa and going, let me know. I might go for some guac and a marg :)


  1. Mmmm the food looks pretty damn good! Keep us posted with more =]

  2. Margs are alright but they are like 8 bucks. No thanks!


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