Thursday, October 18, 2012


You guys, I'm so excited for today after work!! Today is the first day of the 34th annual Tulsa Oktoberfest celebration! I always wanted to go to the Oktoberfest celebration while I was in high school, but I never went. Last fall, I went to the festival one of the four days it was open, but I didn't get to go anymore after the first night. I loved the one night that I went, but didn't really have anyone else to go with for the rest of the weekend.

I claim my Native American heritage pretty proudly, but I don't really talk about the rest of my heritage.

I do have some German heritage, but when I go to Oktoberfest, I'm all German. The pitchers of beer, the WONDERFUL scnitzel, wursts, and strudel, the carnival rides, the cool booths with ALL KINDS of arts and crafts that are German inspired.

This year, I have both Friday and Saturday off from work, and so does Katy. So she and I decided to go ahead and buy the WUNDERBAR pass for this's an AWESOME deal, where you get tickets to all four days of the festival, a stein, and other Oktoberfest-esque goodies.

Tulsa brags as having one of the top 10 best Oktoberfest celebrations in this country. Not only is there so much stuff to do while you there, but there are also lots of traditional German activities (weiner dog races on Sunday!). It's also kid-friendly with a few carnival rides and art activities....but honestly I'm glad I don't have children yet so I can enjoy the more adult things of this festival.

The coolest thing about it all?? She and I live within walking distance of one of the shuttles to downtown, so neither of us have to drive or take turns for being DD for the whole weekend.

I am anxiously awaiting getting off work tonight, changing clothes, and heading to the festival! There's a bratwurst and a pitcher calling my name!

Happy Oktoberfest to you all! Anyone else celebrating an Oktoberfest nearby? Coming to Tulsa? Come join us!

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