Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life Lately, with the roommate

-Katy and I have moved in together again. We have a really nice apartment in the downtown Tulsa area. It's super safe, and within walking distance of a few of my favorite places downtown and to some good spots. It's also near the Cherry Street venues and Brookside, which all of them have wonderful places to eat and get drinks.

-We have a fireplace. A FIREPLACE!

-We have a hot tub. Opened year round. And we sat in it while it was cold out :)

-Katy and I have a ridiculous amount of movies. It's awesome.

-Katy and I have invented a new word--pafroomies = past and future roomies. I invented this one night when I was talking to Katy before we moved in. It's stuck.

-We have a ridiculous amount of cups. For two people, it's way too many. But we just pretend like there are imaginary children and the cups are plentiful :)

-We're addicted to Tony's pizza. Anytime it's on sale, we buy it. All of it. Tons of it.

-One night last week, she and I sat up until midnight talking about life, everyone and everything in it. It was great to just chat about all kinds of things. Girl friends are truly the best things in the world.

-Unfortunately, our late night chat caused us to neglect our boyfriends.

-We're addicted to the show Nashville. It's super dramatic and I LOVE IT.

What about you guys? Anything random you want to share?


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