Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Friday

Dear Body,
You can stop getting sick now. I'm tired of shivering.

Dear Crazy People Who Come Into the Bank,
You can stop being hateful anytime. I know the holidays are stressful, but remember it IS Christmas. Remember the reason for the season.

Dear Self,
Take note of that last sentence when dealing with said crazy people who come into the bank.

Dear Katy, Jared, Jacob, and Nick,
Thanks for letting me cut loose on Saturday and in return making sure I made it home safely.

Dear Cash Drawer at Work,

Dear How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM as I so fondly call you),
Thank you for providing me endless hours of entertainment. You have no idea how much I sincerely appreciate it!

Dear Christmas,
SERIOUSLY?! Can you slow down a little bit here?! I mean I JUST graduated two weeks ago! No? Okay. You got me. But seriously.

Dear Time,
Please read Christmas' letter.

Dear Readers,
I hope I don't lose too many of you after this post :)


  1. You crack me up! :-) Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas!!

  2. I totally know what you mean about the whole time slow down thing. I can't believe how rushed everything has been lately! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!


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