Thursday, January 19, 2012

1 for 12

This was going to originally post yesterday, but I came across a "silence your blog in protest against SOPA" thing. Therefore, I changed it up. Everything happened Tuesday night:

So if you remember from my New Year's Resolutions post last month, you'll remember that I said I wanted to go out to a new local restaurant once a month in 2012. Well Tuesday night, I took myself out on a date.

After work Tuesday, I went to try on bridesmaid dresses with my friend Shawna for her friend Morgan's wedding. Then after dress shopping, I went to The Brook. Instead of going to the location on Brookside here in Tulsa, I decided to go to the one on the South side since it's a little closer to where I work and live.

As soon as I walked in, it was super crowded for it being a Tuesday night. I asked for a table for 1, and then realized that I would be eating dinner much faster if I sat at the bar. So I took my name off the list and seated myself at the bar.

Please keep in mind that while I was eating all this stuff, I was trying to eat mindfully, and fully taste what it was I was eating so I could properly report back to you!

For an appetizer, I ordered chips and guacamole:

The guacamole was AMAZING. It was a little overloaded with avocado pieces and tomatoes, which is just how I like it. Most places overload it with onions, which usually ruins it for me. Now this batch did have some onions in it, but it was just enough to give the hint of flavor without biting into three pieces with each scoop. It was just creamy enough too.

Shortly after I got the chips and guacamole, I ordered a turkey club sandwich with macaroni and cheese as my side:

I unfortunately said "challenge accepted!" when my friend said I would not be able to eat all that food in one sitting. She was right. It was a shit ton of food. Seriously. I had the biggest food baby known to man.

Anyways, back to the food. The sandwich was good, but the croissant that it sat on was a little disappointing. It was a  little chilled while the rest of the sandwich was pretty warm. I don't know if that made the croissant taste funny to me or not, but I just felt the croissant was a little sub-par. The turkey was amazing though. It was a generous helping of smoked turkey piled onto the croissant. The flavor of the turkey was really good. I'm not usually a big fan of smoked turkey, but it was a perfect amount of smokiness. The bacon was cooked perfectly as well, not too crispy, not too rubbery. Top all that with the Swiss cheese and it was an overall delicious sandwich.

Now the mac and cheese. OH MYLANTA THE MAC AND CHEESE! It was AMAZING! Like I seriously wanted to just take about 700 bowls home with me. If it would have been possible. The mac and cheese is definitely worth going to the restaurant for. It was gooey and cheesy and amazing. I might even order it as my entire meal next time. Oh yes, I'm definitely going back to The Brook in the near distant future. :)

Overall, my experience was about a 4 on a 1-5 scale. What cost the 5th point was the fact that the bartender who took my order seemed a little impatient with me while I was trying to decide, and the rude people across the bar who laughed at me when I took pictures of my food for blogging purposes. Wenches.

If you're around Tulsa, definitely try out The Brook!

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  1. Girl...they have the best mac & cheese ever!!! lol


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