Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday night of epic proportions

Last night was LEGEN.....wait for it......DARY. Legendary. Seriously. I had an amazing time hanging out with Katy on what was her last night in town before she headed back to Norman for school.

The night started off with us going to our favorite place downtown, The Max. I had told her earlier in the night that I wanted to try a different place called Woody's because I had never been before. Well, I don't know if I've told you guys or not yet, I'm humongously obsessed with How I Met Your Mother. Well thanks to me quoting it and being my normal obsessive self, I got Katy to watch every episode. That's right. She watched seasons 1-6 and then all the episodes that have aired for season 7 as well. She watched them in not even three weeks. I. LOVE. IT. ha ha. Anyways, I digress.

So because Katy is obsessed with How I Met Your Mother (from here on out, HIMYM) like I am now, we she said that we needed a Mal and Katy Bro Code....and it was invented.

This was the second time that she and I left the Max to go elsewhere and it failed. So here it is, the invention of the #malandkatybrocode:

 number one:Once you're at The Max, never leave to go elsewhere. 

Yep. There it started.
Luckily we went back into The Max shortly after that and it was great. Then my friend John came and brought two of his friends along with him. One of them was celebrating his birthday, so they were bar hopping around downtown. Katy and I decided that we should follow them around and have a good time. So we went to a couple places after The Max (no worries, this time the leaving didn't end up being bad like before).

The night continued at one of the guys' places, where things got a little out of hand, and then ended at WhatABurger around 2:45 a.m. For a full recap on the events that took place at WhatABurger, please see Katy's post from earlier today. It. was. awesome.

That leaves us with the second #malandkatybrocode:

 number two: Jenna Marbles face must be used after 2 am when a guy is trying to show you his wee wee. 

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