Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Friday

Dear Snow,
I really strongly dislike you. You bring with you cold and wind that chills to the bone here in Oklahoma. I'm a summer gal through and through. Even when summer brought a heat vacuum and we had record days of 100+. I will never like you. Please, just go away.

Dear Hannah,
I'm excited for you to come stay the night with me on Sunday!

Dear clients of the bank,
Thank you for finding your happy place again. You were starting to make me wonder about humanity. Please don't be angry when some changes come next month. Remember, I'm a human too. And I handle your money :)

Dear 4:30 a.m.,
Please be just as easy to wake up for next week as you were today.

Dear Body,
Please don't wake up early enough to go work out next week and hurt all over so I don't lay in bed again.

Dear Mom,
I'm excited about the potential of going on a cruise with you this year!!!!!!!

Dear Friday,
THANK GOODNESS! This was the first 5-day work week back. You took forever to get here!

Dear Norman, OK,

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