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Book Review: More recent readings

After I finished up Wicked, it took me quite a while to finish another book. I attempted to read Pride and Prejudice for quite a while (and I'm still attempting to read it). Once I realized I was going nowhere fast with that book, I started picking up other books to try to read in the midst of trying to get through Pride and Prejudice (and I know there are probably quite a few of you that love it, and I'm sorry. I'm trying.)

So here's a list of books that I have completed (while only getting through 60% of Pride and Prejudice):
The Scorch Trials is book two of The Maze Runner trilogy.

Guys, I'm not kidding, if you like The Hunger Games trilogy, and you like young adult novels, you should definitely check this series out.

In The Maze Runner, we learn "The Gladers" are save from the maze, or so they think. It only took a couple of chapters into the second book to realize that the kids were nowhere near as safe as they had hoped to be. Testing had to continue, and Tom is still confused by the phrase he saw in the maze, "EVIL IS GOOD."

The kids go through trials of almost zombie-like towns to get to the other side of the scorch to get the vaccine for the flare. And there is also a new guy that joins the gladers.

And at the end of the book, Dashner wants his readers to think the gladers are safe. But Thomas has his doubts.

After The Scorch Trials I think I decided I needed a little trash novels to read quickly. So I read book two of the Gossip Girl series.

In it was what you would expect: scandals, lies, teenage drinking.

I'm pretty sure I had read this one before, but I read it again. It's just not as good as I remember it being when I originally read it many years ago. I guess that just shows I'm actually growing up a little bit. So. Weird.

Then, I'm not sure if you were aware or not, but this badass book-made-movie came out in March, so I decided that I wanted to read the books again. So I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire again. I read both of them in three days. I would have read Mockingjay, but I loaned my copy to my aunt.

Once I got done with The Hunger Games, I decided that I wanted to go ahead and finish out The Maze Runner trilogy.

Just like Thomas' fears at the end of book two, we quickly learn that The Gladers are not as safe as they hoped to be.

They go through more trials, and then, it just kind of ended. I had invested so much into each of these characters, and I'm not really sure that I was expecting more of a flourish for the end or not. It wasn't a terrible ending, and it was definitely kind of an unexpected ending. But it was a happy ending.

And just like the first two books, every chapter was a cliffhanger. Definitely hard to put down.

Book Two of the what seems never-ending series by Janet Evanovich.

I had attempted to read Two for the Dough a couple years ago, but then had to go off to college and ended up leaving it here.

So what did I think of this one? It was funny, but not quite as funny as the first. The plot was pretty much the same, Stephanie Plum had a big case that would earn her pretty good money, and had a little bit of a hard time getting it taken care of by herself.

I still want her and Ranger to end up together, but who knows.

Will I continue reading the series? You betcha. But I expect the same basic concept for all of the remaining 16 books so far in the series. So don't expect me to get too hyped up about them.

This one I decided to read kind of on a whim. You see, my mom told me that I needed to update my library card because you could check out ebooks for your nook/kindle from the library and this is what we needed to do before our upcoming vacation.

So I started exploring through all of the ebooks that I knew I wanted to read, and got waitlisted for most of them. So then I started browsing the books by genre, then author.

Now, I have read The Dating Game by Danielle Steel, and I enjoyed it. It was a romance novel without getting to graphic. So I decided to pick out a few more Danielle Steel novels to read and stumbled across this one.

I actually just finished this book yesterday, and I loved it. It too was a little predictable, but overall I thought it was a pretty good story line. Two people, one a politician's wife, the other the husband of a woman whose father runs a big pharmaceutical company, meet by chance in Paris (well, he kind of stalked her) and spent the whole night talking to each other, each giving the other an emotional relationship that their marriages had been lacking for a number of years.

Now I'm not saying that I approve of emotional affairs (I actually feel like they are worse than physical ones), but I really enjoyed reading about their lives after they left Paris and didn't keep in touch with each other. Each person had so much self discovery that I really ended up liking the story overall. But it was a predictable romantic story. And I think I'll read a couple more Danielle Steel novels as well, even if her writing will be like Evanovich's and super predictable throughout them all.

Anything good you guys have read lately? Any advice for getting through Pride and Prejudice? I'm hoping to finish it up during my vacation...

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  1. i LOVE when you do book posts!

    if i ever move back to Tulsa, we are starting our own book club :)


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