Tuesday, July 10, 2012

one of the best days of the summer EVER

Remember how I told you I needed to tell you about one of my best days ever? Yeah, that day was June 4. And I kind of forgot how awesome that day was until I started going through old texts.

I had both the 4th and the 5th off from work that week, and the 5th just happens to be Katy's birthday. I started my morning off pretty early by going to get fingerprints done for work. For those of you who don't know, I am a banker. So I had to get them done to be able to do home equity stuff.

Anyways, Katy and I had decided the night before that we were going to take time to go look at the new apartments we want to move into and put in an application. So I went and picked her up and we headed downtown.

Katy and I have kind of already decided that's where we want to live, but the lady who was showing it to us didn't really sell it very well. We also told her it would be a few months before I was out of my lease and we'd be able to move in. Oh, and we also had to ask to see the showroom. Don't get me wrong, we still love this apartment, this lady was just awful.

So after we viewed the apartment, we headed back to my place to go swimming in my pool. The Saturday before, me and one of my coworkers at my old branch had decided that we were going to hang out that day and she was going to bring over her almost 2 year old daughter to swim. The four of us ended up swimming for like 5-6 hours and chit chatted about life and stuff.

Then we started getting hungry and a Thunder playoff game was on that night, so we dispersed from the pool. Katy and her friend Brett had been texting throughout the day about watching the game together, so I told her that he could come over too! When he decided that he did want to join us, I cleaned up the place well enough for it to look presentable while Katy went a couple miles up the road to the grocery store to get a few frozen pizzas.

Katy and I sat and watched the Thunder win that night, and Brett ended up coming over after. He also brought with him his friend David, and another friend of his and Katy's named Rachel. Actually, Rachel had called and asked if it was okay, and I had met Rachel before so of course it was okay! They had brought over a case of beer, and Katy and I had a few during the game.

Then someone got the idea to play card games. So basically, an impromptu party of 5 broke out at my apartment around 11:30 that night. It was so much fun!! And then we got to be among the first to tell Katy happy birthday once midnight rolled around :)

*looked at new apartments
*swam for forever
*Thunder win
*impromptu party

It's pretty easy to see why it was one of the best days ever.


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