Saturday, July 7, 2012

Please, allow me to re-introduce myself... (pt.3)

(part 1, part 2)

One of the last things I want to share with you today is something that not a whole lot of people know about me, and in fact, it took a long time for me to know about myself.

The truth is, I'm in love. There's a man that I'm crazy head-over-heels in love with. The only one that I would reconsider my current views on marriage for. I love everything about him. His quirky-ness, his nerdy-ness, and how he is one of the few people who have always been 100% honest with me. Does he know? I think so. I haven't straight-up told him, but I have divulged a little too much information to him on late nights.

The problem is that his heart belongs to someone else. Remember how I said he's always been 100% honest with me? This was one of those things he was always, always honest about.

It's exactly that quote that I know all of you have seen/read: We ignore those who adore us, adore those who ignore us, hurt those who love us, and love those who hurt us. Way too true. If I could change the way I feel, I totally would. But when he and I do talk to each other, he makes me feel amazing.

It sucks. But I consciously choose to keep him on my mind every day. He and I don't talk very often at all, so I feel like the fact that he still has my attention is my choice.

It won't always be okay for me, but for now I like to continue dreaming that one day he'll see that she doesn't treat him the way he should be treated, and that one day he'll see that we're kind of perfect for each other. But until then, meh.

One thing I always learn about life and love, it goes on.


  1. You deserve someone that is crazy in love with you - and you'll find that person (and maybe it will be this guy when he finally figures out how to open his eyes! (: or maybe it will be someone completely different!)

  2. The day he figures it out will be the luckiest day of his life, because he will have one of the greatest people I know. In the words of Dr. King, "Keep hope alive!"

    1. thanks Roger :) I'm glad you think I'm one of the greatest people you know. And being single may be my greatest hope yet!


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