Friday, July 6, 2012

Please allow me to re-introduce myself...(pt.2)

(make sure you read part 1 here.)

Now that I've given you a basic idea on how I view my relationships with others, here's more about me:

I change my mind all the time on how I want my hair. Today, I want it long and black. I've had it long and: black, natural, darker than my natural brown, highlights, low lights, red, two-tone, pink highlights. I've had it short and: black, natural, growing out the black, red, highlights, purple highlights. When  you catch me on the days I want it black, I firmly believe that I should have been born with natural black hair.

I am obsessed with the following: How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), Law & Order: SVU, Jason Segel, instagram (mbattiestoku), laughing, good wine and beer, two-stepping, my cowboy boots, country music, music I can dance to, the color purple, Oklahoma City Thunder, Tulsa Drillers, University of Oklahoma, guitar hero, fedoras, fedoras on cute men, Mexican food, reading, bar hopping.

I try to go out every. single. weekend., because I know that soon there will be a time where I won't get this luxury anymore.

I said this six years ago, and I still feel the exact same way, I would sell a kidney to be able to see Aerosmith in concert.

For now, I live by myself. But soon I will be living with my best friend Katy again. And I'm pretty sure we'll end up living together until she gets married.

I love writing. This isn't the only blog I write for.

I truly miss running. But there's a two and a half mile track about 3 miles from my place now, and I'm hoping to hit that track a couple more times this week.

If it were socially acceptable for women to wear ties, I think I'd wear one almost every day. I'd definitely wear one every time I went out.

I believe the HIMYM quote that nothing good ever happens after two a.m. Unless you are watching a hilarious movie like Bridesmaids with one of your most favorite people ever.

I would rather have sweet tea or kool-aid than pop (soda). But if I'm going to have a pop, it's going to be coca-cola.

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May 2011, and I am doing nothing with my degree. But I still like that I get to help people with my job!

And tomorrow, I think I'll wrap it up. Hope you stick around :)


  1. OMG I agree on the ties. I wore ties when I worked at Zios and FELL IN LOVE. I have one or two that I have kept because they are so awesome, but I haven't been able to bring myself to wear one. :(

  2. Amen to: Law & Order: SVU,instagram, laughing, good wine and beer (I'm totally a beer girl!), my cowboy boots, country music, Mexican food! Oh, and I'm totally not a pop drinker fact, I haven't had a pop in probably 3 years....

    Loving getting to know you better!


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