Monday, September 12, 2011

Life recap?

I finally had some free time to sit down and type up a post last night. But I couldn't. The remembrance of what happened ten years ago made my life seem petty.

Last night my grandmother and mom watched the 9/11 tribute on CBS. I lasted 30 minutes and was in tears, I just couldn't watch the rest of it.

My life has been in the mundane routine the past couple of weeks. Go to work, hang out with Shawna, spend time with family. It's been great!

The other night I caught myself asking mom if she had found something out from Nana and Pops. The realization that the statement is no longer true hit me hard and I almost cried. It was awful.
Speaking of Pops, thank you all so much for your encouragement, support, well wishes, and prayers from my last post. I truly appreciate the compassion you all showed with some one you may have never met, along with a family you've probably never heard of before the post.

I haven't added a "What I Read in August" post because I didn't finish a book in August. NOT. ONE. BOOK. I started off the month with high hopes for Eat. Pray. Love. but I just couldn't get into it. But I'm going to update you all on the entirety of my August reads when I do my September book review. That's right, there will definitely be a September book review. I refuse to go another month without finishing a book. I was kind of disappointed in my lack of reading.

My brother turned 21 on Friday. I love and miss him so very much. He will be back in roughly 7.5 weeks. Me, Shawna, and my other coworker BFF Kellie are planning a birthday extravaganza for the 4 of us in December. It's going to be a grand time :)

You know what, I OFFICIALLY have my own place! I signed my lease on Saturday, and you're reading the post of a girl who is super happy and excited to be having her own first place! I move in the first week of October, and I'm super excited to be moving into my first place :)

Shawna and I met up with a couple of our favorite guys on Saturday night and spent the night dancing and enjoying ourselves. It had been two weeks since we had gone out, and it was a FANTASTIC night out.

Last night I got a great surprise from a friend from high school! My friend Bobby was in town and decided to stop by for a few minutes to say hi. This Bobby is the same kid I mentioned a long while back ago in a 30 days of truth post. We have fought and stopped talking to each other since high school, but have also made up from it as well. He's a good guy, and will genuinely be there for the ones he cares about to the end. Bobby only stopped by for like ten minutes max, but it's great to see him doing so well and be so happy living out his dream. I love that kid like a fat kid loves cake.

This week has got some great potential to it, thanks to a hetero-life partner date coming up with Shawna! I hope you all had a great weekend, and here's to having a great Monday!

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  1. Well it sounds like life is just making it's way along fine for you :) I am happy for an update, been missing you around bloggyland. And i guess I missed your previous post, but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and pops. Will still be thinking about you guys.


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