Tuesday, September 20, 2011

this has gotta be the good life

My life just kind of seems to be on the up and up lately. Not to brag, but I'm truly blessed beyond measure. There's no way it could get better at this point. I'm serious.

Last weekend, I got to take my beautiful momma out for a birthday dinner. I took her to an Irish pub here in town that we rarely ever go to. She and I spent a good two-three hours talking, eating, laughing, and drinking. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her, and it was so nice to sit and catch up as friends.

Saturday evening I got to spend the evening with my bff Shawna watching the OU football game. I then drug her out to West Tulsa so we could hang out with an old friend of mine from high school. We met a couple pretty cool girls out there too! (Even though Shawna threatened to knock someone out too.) We decided that we definitely love line dancing, and will definitely be attending Caravan (a country bar here in Tulsa) on an almost weekly basis once I get out on my own. Line dancing here we come!

Since then, I have slept entirely way too much. But I am enjoying the new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, the new show 2 Broke Girls, and I have a couple other shows I'm looking forward to this week! I'm also re-watching season 4 of Gossip Girl in preparation for the new season that premieres next Monday! Super excited!

I will be moving into my own apartment within the next couple of weeks! I'm super excited but it's also making me super broke. Down payments for electric, insurance, cable, you name it, it's sucking the money out of my account. and I'm STILL having to pay for gas back and forth. goodbye social life for the next month! (But part of that is  my own choosing, I decided on my own to attend the OU/TX football game, so that's sucking the money out of my account as well!)

That's right, I get to go to OU/TX one more time! I'm super excited party people!

What did I tell you? I'm blessed.


  1. I'm glad you're doing so well! <3

  2. Hey! So glad that you are having a great time in life ;) Not bragging, we all like to hear it!

  3. Oh, the Caravan! I've been there a time or two myself.

    This sounds like a good life, indeed :)


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