Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Amazing Weekend pt. 2

So I left off with my entirety o Friday. As you can imagine, lots of ridiculousness ensued from the copious amounts of imbibing occurred between me and my friends on Friday.

Saturday, I woke up way too late, and then promptly showered. I hung around the house for a little bit until Katy and Marc came and picked me up. We went to this little hole in the wall near campus called The Greek House. As you can imagine, it serves authentic Greek gyros which are AMAZING and HUGE. It's not too bad of a price either, with the gyros being about $7. It's totally worth it. I couldn't finish it, and I was STARVING. It was kind of unfortunate how much food I ate because I was meeting my APO little Nageen for dinner around 6:45.

After we had our very late lunch, the three of us drove around Norman for a little bit before going to hang out at Michelle's for about an hour. Once 6:30 rolled around, Katy and I parted ways and I met up with Nageen and her little, Dolly, at Padthai for dinner. I tried a different style of noodle and it was fantastic. As always. Then while we were at dinner, I decided that I wanted to see more of my fellow APOers, so I went with them across the street to the campus for the APO big/little ceremony. I got to see so many of the people in all three different families while I was there for about an hour. It was fantastic.

After I stayed way later on campus than I had intended, I went back to the sorority house to change tops. While I was there, I kidnapped the girl who lives across the hall from Katy and made her come with me, Katy, and Marc to another local restaurant called Blu. Blu isn't really my scene, but the drink specials were amazing. House brews were $2, and well drinks were $2. Make it a double for $3. I had a couple drinks, and then we ordered some appetizers. We seriously only meant to stay for about an hour, but then the four of us got to talking and never left. We were then joined by my good friend from APO, Eli, and he sat with us and talked until closing time.

Kaitlin drove us home, where I ended up sleeping way too late the next day as well. Then Kaitlin and I hung out all day until Katy and Marc came back over to the house. Then the four of us went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Gaberino's.
Funny story about dinner. While we were at Gaberino's we noticed a girl there that we had seen the night before at Blu. But this time she was with a completely different guy. And she was in completely different clothes than the night before. The night before she had worn super high heels and pleather pants. This time, she was in Toms and skinnys. It was highly entertaining to the four of us.

Sunday evening, Katy, Sam, Rennie, and Kaitlin and I hung out in Kaitlin's room while they all did homework. Then Monday I got up, showered, and came back home.

I had an amazing weekend, and I really did not want to leave at all. I truly do miss being around my college friends all the time. They're some good people. I love them, and I'm so glad I decided to take Friday off to have such a long weekend with my friends.

How were your weekends?

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  1. Holey busy weekend girlie! I've been gone for awhile, had to take a bit of a break, but I'm back! & I've missed ya! You've been buuusy! Caaaant wait to hear about the guy you met... :)


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