Tuesday, February 7, 2012

quick random update

So I've completely failed at blogging lately. Trust me, I've had plenty of stuff to write about. I've actually had time to write too. But instead of just writing it out, I've been looking at my computer and saying "meh."

So what have I been doing the past two weeks? All kinds of stuff. For starters, I've finished Wicked. Look for a book review coming up on that.

A couple Fridays ago, I went to dinner and a movie with my mom, grandma, and three aunts. We went and saw One for the Money. I liked it, but the book is definitely better. I think I'm going to pick up the series again and try to read it. I got stuck on the second book while I was trying to read it. I think I got stuck there because I was getting ready to go to school.
After that night. I did absolutely nothing at my house. F'Reals.

Last week was a typical week at work. BUT SURPRISE! Mom came over on Thursday night with food for us! FREE GOOD FOOD!! HECK YES!

Pretty much all I have been doing is reading and watching TV. I did cheer for the Giants in the Super Bowl, making this the second year in a row I've cheered for the winner. If only I were a bettin' woman!...
I've watched all the episodes of Grimm. It's good like Once Upon a Time, but definitely in a different way!
And now, I'm catching up on episodes of The voice. LOVE this show and LOVE Adam Levine. rawr.

Movies I'm looking forward to catching in theaters:
The Woman in Black, The Vow, Underworld: Awakening, The Grey, Red Tails, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
Movies I'll probably actually see while in theaters:
Let's be honest here. I'm a cheap-o. I'd rather wait and rent them, either on a redbox or on my Cox on Demand. But still, they all look great.

And of course, I'll be seeing The Hunger Games next month!! If you haven't read it yet, you now have 44 DAYS until the movie comes out. May the odds be ever in your favor. :)


  1. I've neglected my blog a lot actually, probably too much. In the end though, it's our blog, and it's therapeutic, so when we need outside therapy, we step away. Glad you enjoyed your time off though, good list of movies, lots of those I want to see! 50/50 was really, really good too!

  2. Hey girl! Hope you have been doing well. I feel ya on the blog slacking for sure. :) I'm so looking forward to the hunger games movie as well. I really hope it doesn't disappoint!


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