Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Amazing Weekend pt.1

I have some really exciting news concerning the attractive man I met last week! But more about that later...

So I had a FANTASTIC weekend. I decided to take last Friday off and sneak away to Norman to visit my friends. Since Monday was President's Day, it was technically a bank holiday, that meant I had weaseled my way into a four day weekend.

After I got off work on Thursday, I hurriedly packed and then headed out to Norman. While on my way, my Soul Twin texted me and asked where I was going that night. To be honest, I hadn't planned on going out at all, just thought I'd settle in and go to sleep kind of soon-ish because I like to go to bed early now that I have a job and stuff. Well, Andy and I decided we were going to meet at a local pub so he could get a study break in and I could get my weekend started off right. Andy and I had a few, joined by Katy, and then we went and picked up my friend Steven to take him home from Campus Corner. Then Katy and I escaped to the sorority house where she and I talked for a solid 3 hours or so just like we used to when we lived together.

Friday morning, I woke up way earlier than I had originally intended, but I was completely okay with it. I rushed downstairs to see three of my favorite people, Mike, Dennis, and Lawanna. These three people have worked in the sorority house for a very long time, and me being the person that I am, made them get to know me as soon as I could because I wanted to know who was cooking my food and was going to be in and out of the common areas. After I bugged them half the morning and got them completely off their routine, I just hung around the house all morning. Then I texted my good friend Michelle around 2:30 and told her it was time for a fishbowl. What is a fishbowl? There is a small taco shop on campus corner that has AMAZING drink specials. A fishbowl is one such good drink special. It is a gallon of alcohol, and requires four IDs in order to be bought. That's right, IDs. Michelle grabbed her boyfriend Matty and I drug Steven out of bed so we could have our minimum 4 IDs. And so it started. Around 3 p.m., we had our fishbowl. The party continued on to Joe's Taverna, and then to Michelle's apartment before Katy left to go to the date party.

The four of us hung out again for a few hours, and then Steven and I went to his place so I could see my best friend, who also happens to be his roommate. Rags was hanging out with their buddies TJ and Chris, and the five of us stayed up entirely way too late having an awesome time hanging out.

This is way more detail than I thought it would be. So I'll end it with Friday and continue on the rest of the weekend in subsequent posts. You'll just have to wait a little longer on man update, because I also have my Fat Tuesday celebration to share....stay tuned!

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