Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation 2012: Food Edition (photo dump)

Sunday morning we loaded up our luggage into my brothers newly fixed car and headed to the Port of New Orleans. Mom and I went through the line that very closely resembled going into an airport, got our picture taken, and anxiously waited to be allowed to board the ship.

You guys, these food pictures I'm about to share with you do not give the taste justice. I swear I gained nearly 20 pounds the two weeks were gone. I ate like a Queen, and I know I'll never eat that well as long as I live alone. But seriously, I hope your tummies feel as full looking at these as mine did eating. Enjoy!
appetizer: tomato soup

main course: breaded shrimp with Asian Thai noodles

dessert: creme brulee 
just a small sample of the random stuff they had on their lunch buffet!

"strawberry cheesecake" that was not made very well and key lime pie on the lunch buffet

appetizer: PUMPKIN soup. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!

prime rib and baked potato :)

lobster tail and shrimp

dessert: some kind of apple pastry with vanilla pudding. Also delicious.

main course: seafood pasta. it had shrimp, scallops, mussels, and salmon on it. I forgot to take a picture of my appetizer and dessert this day because we were chatting with a couple the next table over.

lunch in Jamaica: Caribbean jerk pork (SO FREAKING GOOD!!), french fries, and a Red Stripe. And I still don't like Red Stripe....

appetizer: potato soup (I had a lot of soup and pasta this week!) 
turkey bowtie alfredo pasta

my first time to try bread pudding! I liked it.

yummy bloody mary from the Hard Rock Cafe in Cayman

my AMAZING jerk chicken sandwich and french fries from the Hard Rock Cafe in Cayman

appetizer: zucchini and marina pasta

main course: chauteau-briand braised pork, mashed potatoes, and peas.

dessert: amaretto cake and vanilla ice cream (yes I had some chocolate this week)

chicken noodle soup. meh.

I can't really remember what this was, I believe it was supposed to be two different types of steak with a part of a potato and mashed sweet potatoes. But the "steak" kinda tasted like pot roast. Not the best of the week.

dessert: yummy apple pie and vanilla ice cream!

appetizer: baked sweet potato and cheddar cheese soup (I have to find a recipe to replicate this!)

main course: chicken and bacon mac and cheese

dessert: souffle, also my first time trying. With white chocolate sauce on top. Very yummy!
And this was just mostly dinners that I took pictures of! There was a buffet for both breakfast and lunch, or a sit and eat together breakfast and lunch cafe. Not to mention there was a create your own Asian dishes during lunches, burger/french fries/chicken strips/hot dogs stand during lunch, and a 24 hour pizza place. SO MUCH FOOD.

Now let's all go out for a jog together...

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  1. wow. YUM!!! now I need to go get a dessert ;).
    xoxo, Amy


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