Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation 2012: New Orleans (photo dump)

I'm just going to break this all up for you guys, and it's going to be a lot of photo dumping. But I hope you enjoy all the cool sites I got to see while I was on vacation :)

We left Friday the 13th of July. Now I don't normally believe in bad omens or anything like that, but I highly doubt I will ever make travel plans for Friday the 13the EVER again. We left Tulsa area around 5 a.m. Around 7:15, after we had crossed into the Arkansas state line, the car died, and we later found out it was the alternator. SIGH. So after spending six hours, SIX HOURS, at the automotive shop, we finally got back on the road to New Orleans. Unfortunately, we didn't arrive there until well after midnight, so we just ordered some pizza and crashed out at the very cool Queen and Crescent Hotel. So we woke up on Saturday morning and went out to play in New Orleans.

Big Easy Daiquiris at 10 a.m.

The side of the hotel we stayed in

World Famous Pat O'Brien's hurricanes 
home of the original Muffuletta

the original muffuletta. So delicious!

Jacob in front of the cathedral

Lousiana Supreme Court. I just thought the architecture was cool!

some kids playing jazz in the square

A cool way to spend a few hours in New Orleans!

haunted place #1, now a restaurant

haunted place #2. You can see this building in "Interview with a Vampire"

Museum of the Voodoo religion

"Romeo and Juliet spikes" - you crawl up them as a Romeo, you slide down them and become a Juliet. ha ha ha

cool looking voodoo doll in a shop window

a bunch of galleries in a row in the French Quarter

The Laurie mansion, previously owned by Nicholas Cage and now rumored to be owned by Johnny Depp

looking up into the courtyard at the Laurie mansion

The Vatican Archives in the middle of the French Quarter

really pretty courtyard next to a haunted driveway

The building that looks like it doesn't belong used to be a pasta factory. That's right, a pasta factory in the middle of New Orleans.

high five!

if you look closely in the middle, you can see the initials "AP." The woman designed all the buildings in Jackson Square!

Jacob is actualy short to someone :)

REALLY cool artwork in the square. The artist let me take pictures!

he uses battery operated tea lights to add light to his artwork :)

I gambled with $5. I don't like gambling.

local and live bluegrass band at the restaurant we ate dinner for.

The Cats Meow, a karaoke bar. You can watch the people singing online. And no that is not me, I do not karaoke, but it looks like me in this picture.
Tomorrow I'm going to tell you ALL about the haunted history tour! It was really neat!!

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