Thursday, May 3, 2007

10 things you possibly don't know about me.

I've been tagged by Rebecca from The Rants from Sunnybrook Farm to post Ten Things You Don't Know About goes...

1. I like Chemistry. A LOT. in fact, I'm thinking about taking Chem 2 here at college just for fun since I don't need it for my major.

2. Bobby and I have matching birthmarks on our backs. I like to think of it as a sign that we're supposed to be together. *smiles*

3. When I was 6, my brother attacked me (ok, so I like to make things a little dramatic. Here's the real story..). actually I wanted to play house, and he wanted to play ninjas. So me being the bossy older sister that I am, I decided we were going to play house anyways, and was trying to tell him he was the dad and I was the mom and he threw a stick at me. The stick hit right above my right eye and cut down to the skull. I wouldn't have even known I was cut if the blood hadn't ran into my eyes, and I freaked out.

4. I have a goddaughter who was born Feb. 21.

5. my mom is one of my best friends. and she seriously knows just about everything. and she doesn't like hearing some of the things I tell her but she lets me spill my guts anyways.

6. Jell-O FREAKS ME OUT. seriously. I don't think something should be solid AND move.

7. I'm almost a tanorexic (meaning I like to tan in tanning beds). When my mom tells me I'm too dark I stop. and while I'm in tanning beds, I like to concentrate on getting my feet dark. I know I'm weird....and please, no lectures on skin cancer..I know the risks! I even had a great aunt that had it.

8. My grandma is my hero. She's slipped on black ice and broken her ankle, got hit by a semi and only got 40 stitches in her head (yes, ONLY), and she's survived breast cancer. (oh, and as my friend Caroline likes to say she buys me Mountain Dew.) She's one tough cookie.

9. I almost went to play basketball for a college. I gave up that dream to see my family. (the college was 7 hours away from home and the coach said he didn't know if I would be able to come home for Christmas.) Do I regret it? NOT AT ALL.

10. I've never had a real job. My mom always told me in high school that if I stayed in sports she wouldn't make me get a job. Then this summer I was going to get one, but I was given a proposal to babysit all summer long for good money. So I am still real job-less.

I'm tagging Kristin for now...


  1. Jello??? LOL!!!! I love my grandma like you love yours. Having family is awesome.

    You could tag Kristin...I will tell her to post. ;)

  2. thanks Rebecca!! I don't have many blogging friends yet =)


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