Wednesday, May 2, 2007

ok, so today I kinda slacked.

yesterday's workout was intense. I thought I was gonna keel over and die. seriously. and I haven't weighed myslef since Monday because I was given the advice not to that it just frustrates you.

so Day 2 at the gym was 2 miles on the elliptical (that's my warmup), 1.5 miles on a rowing machine, 30 crunches with the machine (doing it with a machine is friggin' hard!) and 30 lower back reps to help with the abs, and then 1.5 miles on the stair master. I went to dinner then went BACK to the gym to make sure my workout partner did her workout (she didn't go with me the first time). I only did .5 miles on a treadmill walking because my legs were so tired.

no breakfast, lunch was a reuben sandwhich, mashed potatoes and gravy, a salad, and WATER.

Day 3, yeah I've slacked A LOT. I made the mistake of taking burgers to basketball players last night around midnight with my workout partner and so today I was REALLY craving one for lunch. I know, terrible. bacon cheeseburger AND pop to drink. I feel terrible. Gym will be around 7, I'll get back on and let ya know how we did =)

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